Here you’ll find all about investing in cryptocurrencies. One of our team members wrote here:
“Understanding and investing in crypto is how I plan on being a part of the economic revolution. I implore you, my dear reader, for your own sake, learn as much as you can about crypto, and don’t laugh it off as a passing fad because it is not going away any time soon.
The economic revolution is afoot and you can either be a part of it or get left on the side of the highway feeling dumb.
All I am saying is that by building a portfolio and COMPLETELY ignoring cryptocurrency, it’s like you’re trying to get on the expressway in a Ford Model T.
Sure the car’s got a reputation, four wheels, and an engine but, man, are you going to look stupid when it eventually breaks down on the side of the highway or knocked off the road by someone in a Prius who was texting.”
Investing in cryptocurrencies is the matter of financial and personal freedom, but not only that. It could be a profitable investment.
“Bitcoin and other currencies are the keys to create true economic equality by creating a decentralized currency free of government control thus empowering the little guy.”
Bitcoin is a recipe, an idea, an algorithm. Freedom, not utopia.
Freedom or utopia? It’s not a legal entity. So many qualifications, worse after a bad one. Is it important who actually was Pythagoras? Francis Bacon? William Shakespeare?
The currency was created in January 2009, but in the first 16 months of its existence, nothing was actually paid with Bitcoins. Only on May 22, 2010, for the first time, something tangible was paid by Bitcoin. Specifically, Mr. Laslo paid 10,000 bucks for two pizzas that day. From that day, crypto became a reality. Traders-Paradise’s team is devoted to promoting cryptocurrencies as one of the highly profitable investments. Even when all markets are down, cryptocurrency can be a good addon to anyone’s investment portfolio and a good edge to protect the portfolio as a whole.
Power to the people, certainly. That is financial freedom.
Up to you!

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