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The cryptocurrency revolution is financial freedom and  independence

The religious wake up in the morning and thank God they are alive.

Unlike them, I wake up and thank the internet for the generous bounty it has given us.  I do this not to be intentionally sacrilegious, rather because more than anything else, I believe in the Digital Redemption and the hope it brings humanity.

And while I absolutely love my friends Wikipedia, Facebook, Amazon, Reddit, and my sexy late-night mistresses Netflix and YouTube, it is none of them who have granted me such faith. 

It is because I have seen the Sign, the crypto.

Do understand, what we are witnessing in our lifetimes is the first peep of sunlight in a bright new era of freedom and unlimited access. What a time to be alive, isn’t it?

To me, the Sign is as clear as day and I’m of course referring to the cryptocurrency revolution.

Financial freedom is the appearance of the crypto

In a WSJ Op-Ed written in late November 2017, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said the Internet is literally “the greatest free-market success story in history” and (Great Scott!) does this resonate with me.

So far, the digital revolution has laid the groundwork to exchange information, goods, and services globally and freely which has empowered billions by granting them access to what anyone needs to succeed: access and opportunity.

Unadulterated, uncensored freedom.

By all logic, cryptocurrency IS the final piece of the free-market puzzle. 

Bitcoin and other currencies are the keys to create true economic equality by creating a decentralized currency free of government control thus empowering the little guy.

Power to the people, certainly. That is financial freedom. 
Financial freedom
Just think, the heavenly Cloud opens up will lead to her people and create the Promised Land right here on our planet, where Earth used to be.

Just like the proverbial battle between good and evil, I too hear about how the governing institutions of old are trying to block out the impending sunrise by stealing users’ personal information for political and financial gain and by dangerously bringing into question net-neutral access to the World Wide Web.

I know that it’s only a matter of time before we, as collective humanity, liberate ourselves from the towel covered birdcage we find ourselves in and come into the light.

This is why I smile every time I turn on my laptop and see my stake in various cryptocurrencies or articles on the subject.

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The economic revolution has already begun its course and I get to be a part of it.

What’s my point?

I am by no means endorsing switching entirely to crypto and abandoning investment in other types of assets. Forex, ETFs, mutual funds and other investment are good products for the time being in the reality of our world’s economy.

All I am saying is that by building a portfolio and COMPLETELY ignoring cryptocurrency, it’s like you’re trying to get on the expressway in a Ford Model T.

Sure the car’s got a reputation, four wheels, and an engine but, man, are you going to look stupid when it eventually breaks down on the side of the highway or knocked off the road by someone in a Prius who was texting.


Financial freedom is the revelation of more possibilities

Understanding and investing in crypto is how I plan on being a part of the economic revolution. I implore you, my dear reader, for your own sake, learn as much as you can about crypto and don’t laugh it off as a passing fad because it is not going away any time soon.

The economic revolution is afoot and you can either be a part of it or get left on the side of the highway feeling dumb.

Up to you!


Risk Disclosure (read carefully!)

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