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Make a fortune working from home

Make a fortune working from home

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Make a fortune working from home
Make a fortune working from home
by Gorica Gligorijevic

I know you will ask how is possible to make a fortune working from home. 

Have you ever heard for Jack Cornes? His engineering insane idea into a home robotics start-up showed not insane but as profitably and brilliant.  

Jack Cornes is an entrepreneur. His first business was selling vegetables from his grandmother’s garden. He was 8 at that time. When he was 14 online clothes retail was his next successful business with international shipping. Jack went on to found a successful online clothes retail. Now he is in his 20s and he started with schoolmate Harry Smith, a new business startup and launched HausBots. They started their robot business in Smith’s garage in Birmingham.

Jack Cornes said about those days:

“Harry is a self-proclaimed mad inventor. His parents asked him to paint the living room, which he found completely boring, so he let his mind wander and came up with a better solution.”

Climbing painting robots

Make a fortune working from home

Their aim is to produce robots for the construction industry and for home use. Their first result is a painting robot. They are expecting to begin commercial trials in the next several months, actually, they want that in the next four months.

This guy raised £210,000 to realized his idea about home-helping robots. His startup HausBots develops climbing robots to automate the painting of walls.

Cornes likes being an entrepreneur. 

“It is flipping tough, but I was never very good at being a cog in someone else’s machine. It is great to have some autonomy and it is amazing to be building something that wasn’t here before we started,” he said.  

As a measure of how this project is interesting: currently, Cornes’ robots are beta testing. A large number of customers and companies are included. The companies specialized in painting outdoors, like walls of warehouses, for example, are very interested in his product. Cornes is expecting to start sells soon. 

Make a fortune working from home as plan No1

And he is just as many Generation Z members that more than any time before are interested to start their own businesses. A lot of them want to make a fortune working from home. The benefits of this approach are numerous. They don’t have to pay high rents for a place to work, the working time is flexible, and moreover, they are working for their own ideas.

According to some research young people are caught with this growth of startups. It becomes a trend among them. 

Approximately 51% of the people between 14 and 25 age answered that they would like to start their own business. Many of them already are running some, revealed a survey ordered by the Entrepreneurs Network and VC firm Octopus Group. Also, this goal is more popular in a group of 22 to 25 years old people. Almost 60% of them said they would like to run their own business. 

How to make a fortune working from home

If you don’t have a strong back, you have to start from your home. The majority never find some financial support and have to work different jobs to raise the funds and be able to finance the ideas they have. Also, they have to cut other expenses, so the best solution is to start working from home.   

Listen, I am pretty sure they will. They will make a fortune working from home.

The idea of freedom and being your own boss is powerful, and at the same time, the most popular. Having a passion is great fuel. Desire to make success also.  If you want to start to make a fortune working from home it is wise to build a network of people who you think are doing excellent things. That will help you a lot.

Some inspirational ideas you may find in our tutorial HERE

Boost Your Earning Potential

Earning Potential – The Ways To Boost It

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Earning Potential - The Ways To Boost It

Yes, it is the highest salary for some profession. Are you ready for that? How to reach it? Why they won’t pay me that? Am I an stupid idiot who doesn’t deserve it? I am dying on my job, why I don’t have the biggest salary? 

S**t happens. 

No, that is the wrong answer.

The truth is that you don’t know how to boost your earning potential.

Well, you are not stupid but you never have thought about salary in this way. Your earning potential scenario was something like this: When I finish school I’ll find a job, and after many years of hardworking, I’ll make some progress and become the part of the management and my bosses will pay me more. 

Good scenario indeed. Do you have the biggest salary in your company or you are still struggling and you are living paycheck-to-paycheck? Are you waiting for the next payment? Do you have a second job? Part-time one? Another full-time engagement? 

And are you waiting for the Friday eve to get drunk? 

But your life doesn’t have to look like that. You deserve the better.

You’re living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Maybe, but just maybe, you have some savings. It is more likely that you are looking for ways to earn more. Do you want to boost your earnings? Of course, you want. I know that. So, where is the problem? 

Oh, sorry! You know only one way to boost the earnings. There is the key. What if I tell you there are so many ways to do so? 

Spending infinite hours every day in trying to survive isn’t the only way. 

To be clear I am not one of the believers in the Law of Attraction. That’s BS.

But I truly believe that if you want something, really want, nothing will stop you to achieve that.  

Also, I know it isn’t enough. If you only have the wish and do nothing, nothing will happen.

So, how to boost your earnings?

First of all, do you really know your real earning potential?

I can bet the majority don’t know. You should be utilizing your skills where they are appreciated most. 

A Google search using the words “earning potential’ will give you plenty of opportunities and ways as a result. Some of them are very stupid and impossible to realize, trust me. 

If you want to boost your earning potential the first thing you have to do is to figure out what is your skills. What is the field where you are the best, where you are feeling comfortable and have control of the major situations that can arise? Okay, you understand the point.  

Let’s say you have a job. But the salary is the same almost all the time. Years and years with no progress. Can you be familiar with this? You are of my kind, honestly.

Let me ask you something. 

Why didn’t you ask for a raise?

Earning Potential - The Ways To Boost It


Why not?

It should be a normal thing. But you must have some arguments in your hands. As the must, you have to check how much others are paid for the same job in some other company and compare with your case. When you find they are paid better, tell that to your boss and point to your advantage, how your work and engagement provide better result to the company. Tell your boss that you are outstanding in your field but underpaid. Well, you have to be reasonable and understand that the rise in your salary will not come overnight. Bosses and companies have their own financial plans. Show that you understand that because you really can. In most similar cases, the answer will be positive. 

But to repeat, you must have arguments, the wish isn’t enough. Arguments mean that you are truly aware of your qualities. Moreover, you have them and you showed them numerous times. So, ask for a raise to boost your earning potential.

If your boss disagrees with you, you have two other choices. One is to stay at your current job and wait for the other opportunity, and the other is to start finding a better-paid job in some other company. Sometimes big companies have internal job ads. Stay tuned, ask around and you will find something. A friend of mine is a high positioned manager thanks to an attitude like this.

Meanwhile, start to explore the new opportunities.

Recently I read some survey. Very interesting thing. That survey exposes that your salary may grow even 20% if you change your job. Changing job is a great opportunity. Along with your salary raise, you will also have a chance to do what you do best.

Switch your job!

Yes, you might be more occupied but you will be paid better. The new job and new position will lead you to the promotion of your abilities. 

Dear, you are just one step away to boost your earning potential. Do it!

If nothing helps, start a side job. It can be anything from your own business to the stock market. There are so many ways to make money outside of your current job. 

All about that you will find HERE 

The most important is to step away from self-pity. There is no time for wallowing in sentiment. 

This is the only life you have one and it has no repetition.

How to become a trader or investor in just 10 minutes? 2

How to Become A Trader or Investor in Just 10 Minutes?

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How to become a trader or investor in just 10 minutes? 1

It’s super easy!

(This will not tell you where it’s best to invest, just the how part!)

First, there are many types of investments in the financial markets but the main and most common are stock, bonds and forex (foreign exchange – the value of a one countries currency compare to other countries, Since it’s a 10 minutes article, I will not discuss rather we want a currency to be higher or lower (each side has its own pros and cons).

Let’s talk about stocks, they are the simplest to understand, and once you understand them – you basically understand the rest.

Stock (or shares) are a way for us – the public – to buy and invest in companies we believe in. Cause of it, the companies’ agenda is to always show like they will hit their projections.

Every quarter, a public company issues a report where they explain how things went until now (so we can see if they met early projections or not, and they will write new projections to the future. The combination between the two – will reflect on the stock price.

So, you want to buy a stock when it’s low and sell it when it’s high and become a trader?

Right? Every six years old knows that. But how you PHYSICALLY do it?

First, you must have a broker’s account. You can find some brokers in our wall of fame and ones you want to avoid on the wall of shame, or you can just simply search Google and you’ll find many of them.

Once you find a broker – you deposit an amount of money, every broker will demand differently – then, you can buy stocks with this money. You can either buy real ones (this means the broker is giving you a real stock) or you can buy it with CFD. CFD is just like trading actual assets but without really holding them. By the way, it’s completely legal of course, and it’s mandatory for the market to keep healthy and not get into deflation. Without CFDs, we’d have bubbles in the market.

How to become a trader fast

So you found a broker, and decided on a portfolio (here’s how to create a portfolio), choose your stocks – now you want to start trading.

You get in the stock details and you’ll see a graph (All about how to read graphs and technical indicators, in the next article) and you also see 2 numbers that refer to the Ask Price and Bid Price (Or in our example- Buy and Sell)

You ALWAYS buy at ask price (the lowest price someone is willing to sell) and you sell at the bid price (the highest price someone is willing the buy). This is called being in a position. The difference between the ask to the bid is called Spread (+link). The spread is the way for the broker to make money!

The first rule of trading – The spreads are the hardest ones to beat.

How to become a trader or investor in just 10 minutes?

  1.       Symbols – The stock or asset we search. Apple’s stock is AAPL, Amazon stock is AMZN and Bitcoin is BTC
  2.       We see both prices Buy (11517.52) and Sell (11257.78), the difference between them is the spread. The buy will ALWAYS be lower than the sell. They will never be equal!
  3.       Then you choose amount and exit strategy (if got any, it’s not mandatory) and click “Buy”
  4.       Now you own stock at the exact price you bought

Now, it’s time for you to decide: Are you a trader or an investor?

A trader wants to get out of a position ASAP, according to a strategy he decided ahead. In the example above, we used a Stop/Profit strategy. We decide on the lines where we want to exit a position in profit (or loss) and the broker will follow the numbers. Once it hit one of them – the broker will AUTOMATICALLY exit the position for you. A good trader knows some positions will end in a loss, so he tries just to win a bit more than he loses. That’s the trick. No way, never ever, you could get a 100% win rate. Don’t try it, don’t believe anyone who says he can. Just don’t. It’s not possible, for a reason.

An investor is more in the long run. He can also have a strategy, but his strategies are way wider than the trader. Like in years or major differences in price, like one strategy can be:

Get out of the position in two situations:

  1.       After ten years
  2.       If the price reaches 200% from its current value

And then just wait and see what happens first.

Since the market, in general, is always going higher and higher, this strategy seems quite good. The only downside – it takes a lot of time.

Many don’t have the patience.

That’s it.

  1.       Registering to a broker’s service
  2.       Choose assets you want to invest (diverse the portfolio)
  3.       Choose what you are – a trader or investor?
  4.       Find a strategy you feel comfortable with
  5.       Buy at Ask price and get into positions
  6.       Sell at the Bid price and exit positions

Simple, right?


  1.       Some brokers will try to scam you and take your money
  2.       Assets can betray you the second you buy them
  3.       You can be both an investor and a trader – a hybrid kind
  4.       Finding the strategy is THE MOST difficult thing there is

Here, at Traders Paradise, we talk about those 4 major issues, and how to solve them

We strongly recommend learning and practicing the rules above before doing any investment, and we partnered up with eToro (brokerage) just for that. You can practice those rules for free with a $100 000 practice account.

Risk Disclosure (read carefully!)

Only Some Can Make Money From Home, What Are They Doing? 3

Work from Home – Only Some Can Make Money From Home, What Are They Doing?

Work from home requires discipline, focus, and commitment, but the flexibility to define that yourself.

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C’mon, are you sure you want to go to the office every single day to the rest of your lives?

Well, I don’t.

I’m working from home. No matter what you call it.

Remote working. Telecommuting. Work from home.

It’s extremely popular.

And it gives me the opportunity to sit on my porch or in bed and work. Don’t try to visualize me. I’m not what you see on job boards or in stock art pictures. When people think about how to work from home. 

Many imagine sleeping in late, lounging around in their pajamas and have long slowly lunches.

You need to realize that even though work from home offers a great amount of flexibility, it is still a professional job and it needs to be treated as such. 

I wake up, get dressed, sit in front my computer, and start to work from home.

What is one of the important advantages of work from home? 

Setting office hours is one of them, having a dedicated office space, avoiding homebound distractions, and actually dressing as if you were going to an office.

That help keep your mindset sharp and focused.

I can witness for that.

But it’s not for everyone, and some do it more successfully than others.

If you are disciplined with your time, and you don’t need a relay with co-workers throughout the day, and you are independent in making decisions, and good organized, this is the right work for you.

To be effective in work from home, you have to have the excellent critical thinking, organizational and communication skills. Along with being able to block out distractions. 

It requires discipline, focus, and commitment, but the flexibility to define that yourself. If you want to work from home, of course. 

The biggest benefits of working from home are its flexibility,  saving money on transportation, dry cleaning costs, lunches were eaten out, child care costs, no boss looming over your shoulder, no co-workers to interrupt you, and no dress code.

Sound pretty good, don’t you think? You must know that working from home is more productive.

But, it’s important to let friends and family know that although you’re working from home, you’re still working.

How To Successfully Work From Home

  1. Get organized – Don’t work too much or too little, get organized systems, schedules, and to-do lists.
  2. Have workspace – You should ensure that your office space imitates that of a true work environment.
  3. Plan your day – This will help you minimize your distractions and maximize your true productive times.
  4. Be computer savvy – This can make your work easier but also can give you the opportunity to have more profitable jobs. One of those kind of jobs is online trading and investing. Stocks, currencies, whatever you want.


Once upon a time, people relied on the services of a stockbroker, who would make buy and sell orders on the customer’s behalf.

Today, individuals are able to execute buy and sell orders themselves in a fraction of a second using computerized trading services.

But, reading online articles doesn’t make you qualified to trade.

Reading the classics of investment literature could be helpful.

However, the best way is to set aside six months to practice trading with real-world data before investing your money.

You can use some demo account and practice. After that create a trading fund and open a separate bank account for it. Do what you can to establish a fund that is separate from savings.

Write down a trading strategy.

You have many trading strategies available on the market. You can choose your own investment strategies, but you should include the parameters on how you choose stocks or currencies, when to purchase them and when to sell.

Create a spreadsheet that tracks your investments, establishing parameters for the dates of purchase and sale and the costs involved.

Buy and sell according to your strategies, and be disciplined with your budget. There will be ups and downs, but don’t deviate from your parameters.

A lack of discipline leads to bigger losses and failure.

When you’re looking for an online broker, consider the costs of each service the brokerage provides and the level of support you will need from qualified brokers.

Choose your brokerage partner with open eyes!

Before deciding to buy or sell any stock, you should carefully research the company, its leadership, and its competition.

You don’t need a large sum of money to start.

If you prefer to be a do-it-yourself trader, you can make use of discount online broker services. One that allows you to buy and sell not only stocks but also options, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, fixed income funds, bonds, certificates of deposit, retirement accounts and more.

You will make the final decision on each investment and whether or not to buy or sell. Make intelligent decisions about what you can afford to invest. Consider investing a portion of your money in an electronically traded index fund, which holds many stocks.

There are no magical advantages, secrets that can make you more successful.

It is a misconception of beginners in trading or investing.

Remember several things:

The professional trader doesn’t make money or have a job unless they are profitable. They realize that trading is NOT a fast and easy way to riches.

You must have a strategic trading plan, proper risk management, and simple strategies to protect your investment and reduce risk whenever possible.

Make a solid 2% gain than risk thousands of dollars for a possible 5% gain with considerably higher risk unless you are the gambler.

Long term thinking on every trade and realizing that keeping money is sometimes more important than making huge gains.

Some traders at home don’t want to take the time to learn the skill of technical analysis indicators.

If you commit time to these indicators and understanding how they work (and don’t work) I can promise you will start to trade more consistently.

And know what, those of us who have worked from home for years wouldn’t dream of going back to a corporate office.
Ever. At any point!

Risk Disclosure (read carefully!)

get rich by trading Forex

Can I get Rich by Trading Forex?

2 min read

Get rich by trading Forex? But you have to learn.

When you first start learning something, you acquire information. As you acquire more and more information, your mind will sift through it and will organize it, and will only leave the most important information that pertains to you. And that becomes your knowledge. Then as you start acting on your knowledge, and start gaining experience on a subject, that knowledge turns into wisdom.

I would like to emphasize this. In order to become successful,  it isn’t that you need to only be knowledgeable, but you also need to be wise, and wisdom is only acquired through action and experience.

Listen to the wise people if you want to get rich by trading Forex

But there is also a second point of this story. You can’t become a successful trader, no matter how much information you were gathering, and no matter how many books you read from “knowledgeable” experts if you are not ready to carefully listen what wise people have to tell to you.

get rich by trading Forex
So please, before you open up space in your mind to someone or something, make sure they are a wise person who is actually trading and making money in forex, instead of just giving you a bunch of useless theories.

When you find such a person you will know that. You will feel like the guy who discovered the king’s tomb.

Oh, yes, you will have one of those moments where you are staring at one of those optical illusions, staring at it for hours until BAAAM! It hits you “it’s a f***ing ship out to sea!”

Until you get rich by trading Forex here are some tricks!

Choose a Broker With Appropriate Trading Platform 

You must know each broker’s policies and how it goes about making a market. Spending time researching the differences between brokers will be very helpful but choosing a reputable broker is of paramount importance.

Define Your Goals, Methodology, and Style 

It is vitally important, to have some idea of your goal and how you will get there. Hence, it is imperative to have clear goals in mind. After that ensure your trading method to be capable of achieving these goals. Each trading style has a different risk profile and each of them requires a certain attitude and approach to trade successfully. Whichever methodology you choose, be consistent and be sure it is adaptive. Your system should follow the changing dynamics of a market.

Choose Entry and Exit Time Frame 

Some traders are disoriented by conflicting information that happens when looking at charts in different time frames. If you are taking your basic trading direction from a weekly chart and using a daily chart to time entry, be sure to synchronize those two. If the weekly chart is giving you a buy signal, wait until the daily chart also confirms a buy signal. Timing is everything.

Learn to Love Small Losses

Think of your trading money like holiday money. Have the same attitude toward trading, once the holiday is over, your money is spent. This will psychologically prepare you to accept small losses. This is key to managing your risk. You will be much more successful by accepting small losses rather than constantly checking your balance.

Have Patience And Wait  

When knowing what to expect from your system you must have the patience to wait for the price. It needs time to reach the levels that your system indicates for either the point of entry or exit. If your system point to entry at some level but the market never reaches it, then move on to the next opportunity. There will always be another trade. Sit on your hands until your system triggers an action point.

Have Realistic Expectations 

You can’t expect to invest $300 in your trading account and make $15,000 in each trade. That means being not – realistic. However, the market sometimes can make a much bigger move than you expect. But it is not the rule. It is better for you to be positively surprised than to lose everything.

Build Positive Feedback Loops

When you plan a trade and execute it well, you form a positive feedback pattern. Success produces success, which grows confidence and you have a profitable trade. A positive feedback loop is created as a result of a well-executed trade in accordance with your plan. Even if you get a small loss, you will be building a positive feedback loop.

Test Your Skills

Open some free demo account and test. Submit trades in a virtual ambiance with virtual money before you start risking your own money. You should never ever trade a setup just because candles are moving. The aim is to be prepared and anticipate movements. All traders need to realize that when a currency pair is moving fast, the reward to risk ratios are decreasing rapidly. That means, there are more chances of the currency pair moving more pips before it makes a retracement. By jumping in a trade that is moving, the likelihood of a lower reward to risk ratio is high and the chances of a continued move without retracement are smaller.

The best trading occurs when traders have both the mindset and trading mentality of a hunter when approaching the Forex market. If you coolly view and analyze what the conditions of the market are and then comparing that setup to the desired market environment, you are on the right path. If the market is offering sufficient odds of success and reward to risk ratios, then the trade plan is executed without any emotional disturbances.

Warren Buffet has said that there are two rules in trading:

Rule 1: Never lose money. Rule 2: Remember Rule 1.

Stick a note on your computer that will remind you to take small losses often and quickly rather than wait for the big losses.
What are your experiences? Share them with us or share this post with others.

Risk Disclosure (read carefully!)

Making money from home - is it possible? 1

Making money from home – is it possible?

2 min read

Making money from home is possible and maybe the most popular these days.

But, what do your fellows or cousins say when you express your desire to make a lot of money from home?

Most of them say: “Okay, then go to school. Be a good student. Find a good job and work hard. ” You already know that, and it’s great to have an education. But this is not a guarantee that you will make big money.  On the other hand, you know that there are many people who make a lot of money on a relatively easy and effortless way.

And whenever you mention to your crowd that you know some guy or girl who are making money from home, what answers you have as feedback?

“He’s/she’s a thief.” “He/she has connections everywhere.” “It’s not an honest business.” “He/she was lucky.” “He’s/she’s one in a million.” And a bunch of similar stories.

Yeah! Tell me something about that!

However, these are just excuses.

OK, the truth is that you have to work for money. But it is not enough just to do something. It’s important to do it SMART.

There is a saying: Do it smart, not hard.

And that’s true. If hard work is the only important thing to gain wealth, all the people in the world would be at least millionaires.

What does SMART work mean and how can you make money without HARD work?

It’s very simple.

Smart work means doing the work once, then for months (sometimes for years) to enjoy the fruits of your work.

Passive income is making money from home

When you heard someone say, “I started looking for ways to get a passive income.”
Probably never.

But you’ve heard a thousand times: “I started looking for a job.” (Or worse: “I’m waiting for a job.”)

And when you try to explain passive income to someone, they immediately say that you are lazy.

I’ve heard of innumerable ways of passive earning. You can write a song, record a home video, patent an idea, write a book. You can sell handmade on Etsy, you can be freelancer, virtual assistant, or you can sell cookies. Or even simpler, you may begin to earn money from home, by trading.

With the rapid development of computers, mobile devices, and faster Internet, there are more and more opportunities for automating some jobs and generating passive income.

I’ll give you the ultimate beginner’s guide to trading online. First of all, you have to recognize different kinds of trading.

Let’s see what can you trade while making money from home

STOCK TRADING: That is the art of buying, holding and selling stocks (also called shares) of securities listed on public stock exchanges.

FOREX TRADING: That is the art of buying and selling currencies in the hopes of making profits on the difference in the value of such currencies in global economics.

OPTIONS TRADING: That is the form of derivative trading in which people trade contracts that give them the rights (but not obligation) to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price.

BINARY OPTIONS TRADING: Form of trading in which traders expect to earn a predetermined payout or nothing at all (they are also called all-or-nothing options) based on the success of their ‘prediction’ of the outcome of a specific market event. Little complicate and not secure.


You’ll need to decide on the kind of assets or securities you want to trade. After that, you’ll need to make is choosing the right broker or brokerage firm through which you’ll access the markets. That’s very important because the broker you choose will have a direct influence on securities you’ll be able to trade, on tools you’ll have at your disposal, how much you’ll pay in fees, and what final returns you can expect on your trades.

You have to find a broker that would charge relatively low fees and provide you with a full package of resources to make your trading experience easier.


The main difference between trading and investments is that a trader seeks out market movements for profit, on the other hand, an investor waits to profit from long-term price movements in the assets in their portfolio. A trader will make tens or hundreds of trades within a week while an investor will buy and hold an asset for months or years. The first step in creating your trading strategy is to have a trading plan.

A trading plan is like writing a business plan for some entrepreneur. A trading plan will help you to make a realistic decision in periods of rapid market movement when your emotions might lead you to make impulsive decisions.

A trading strategy should include specific goals such as: getting out of debt, retiring early, making your first million. Also, your trading strategy should include your asset allocation and diversification moves.  As a beginner, you should not have more than 5% of your trading capital on any single trade. Make sure your trading strategy contains a mix of fundamental analysis of global events, like wars that impact oil prices, but also technical analysis like trading rules based on price and volume transformations.

It is important because you can use this information to determine your entry into trades, your exit when the trade goes your way, and your escape when the trade goes against your plans. In you, your best interest is to develop the disciple to incorporate stop/limit loss orders into every trade you place.

New traders can use technology to lower the entry barriers to trading by automating many of the activities.


* Trading bots
– This is simply computer programs with instructions based on a predetermined set of market indicators and parameters. You can use automated trading systems to trade stocks, options, futures, and foreign exchange products. It is based on a predefined set of rules, which determine when to enter an order, when to exit a position and how much money to invest in each trading product. Trading bots are especially helpful to beginner traders and sometimes, a bot can be an important market ally for reducing your losses.

* Stock screeners – That can help you filter the stocks in the market to narrow down potential winners before their big breaks. It will help you identify top gainers and losers, stocks on turbo momentum, and stocks that are about to break out above resistance or break down below support lines.

* Social trading – This is simply a type of trading in which traders rely on user-generated financial content, collected from a variety of networks. Social trading provides you the platform to be part of a community of successful traders and you can purify the wisdom of the crowd and make you able to make your own trading decisions.


Always use a trading plan, don’t underestimating the importance of a trading journal, change trading strategy after every trade.

Test your trading skills on some FREE DEMO ACCOUNT in a virtual environment before you start risking your own money. Practice trading strategies so that when you’re ready to enter the real market, you’ve had the practice you need.

Do you have any experience in trading? Share with others.

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