How to get a personal loan?

Getting a Personal Loan
How is possible to get a personal loan even with a bad credit score

By Guy Avtalyon

A personal loan is a good choice if you need funds for a particular purpose. But you have to consider many factors when deciding the variety of loan that suits you. You can use a personal loan to decrease debt, repay unpredictable payments, make home repairs, and more.

How to get a personal loan?

Personal loans allow low-interest rates for people with good credit. They are usually smaller loan products than other kinds of loans. We have to say, they aren’t undoubtedly the best choice for everyone.

Before getting a personal loan, you have to consider several important things.

The first thing you are asking yourself is: How much money can you get?

Well, loan sum varies from lender to lender.  Usually, you can expect between $1,500 and $100,000.  That depends on your creditworthiness. This means that the lender will estimate your ability to pay them back before they decide to lend you money.

How does a personal loan work?

You will get a fixed sum and have to pay it back with interest in monthly parts until you pay back the whole amount.

That can be after 12 to 84 months. After you pay back all, your account will be closed and you, if there is a need, can apply for the new one.

Nevertheless, before you apply for any loan it’s crucial to consider why you require the money. Depending on that, you may choose the variety of loan that’s most suitable for your financial situation.

What are the types of personal loans?

You see, there are two types of personal loans: secured and unsecured.

Unsecured loans are not backed by collateral which means that the bank determines are you qualified to get the loan. The lender will estimate your financial history. If you don’t pass for some unsecured loan maybe you’ll find the lenders who want to offer secured options.

Secured loans are backed by collateral. Collateral is a savings account or CD. Why this is called a secured loan? Because if you are not able to pay on time, the lender can require your asset as payment for the loan. Your asset, a savings account or CD is the guarantee that the lender will get its payment.

Where you can get a personal loan

In the first place, it is a bank. But you must know they are not the only place where you can get a personal loan. There are other lenders too. For example, online lenders, consumer finance companies, or credit unions are places where you can acquire a loan.

The one thing is important, you have to be qualified applicants.

Also, you can take a risk and contact some online lenders. There are plenty of them. But you must be careful. It’s true you can get a personal loan very quickly from them. But some of them are not legit and often they are scammers. Check them first. 

As we said previously, personal loans can give the money you need, but they are not, at the same time, the best choice for everyone. Sometimes, a credit card could be a better alternative.

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But be careful with this too. If you take a balance transfer card and you are not able to pay off your balance, you may catch an enormous amount in interest charges.

For homeowners, there is a home equity loan. This kind of loan will give the aid you need. Usually,  it is a larger loan sum at low rates. You should be aware, you are giving your house as collateral for these kinds of loans. If you fail to pay, your lender has the right to use your house as payment for debt for the loan.

How personal loan may impact the credit score?

When you demand a loan, the lender will count your credit as an element of the application process. This is recognized as a hard inquiry. It will regularly reduce your credit scores by a few points.

On the other hand, the lenders that you previously had an account with will just review your credit. This is identified as a soft inquiry and will not affect your credit score.

It is obvious where to ask as first.

Interest rates and fees

Interest rates and fees can create a big distinction in how much you will pay to the end. Here are several circumstances to consider.

Interest rates typically vary from around 5% to 36%. That depends on the lender and your credit. Meaning, if you have good credit, the interest rate will be lower. But, you will pay more interest if your loan is long-term

Some lenders will charge you a fee to cover the expense of processing the loan. That is origination fees. It can be from 1% to 6% of the loan sum depending on lenders’ rules.

Some lenders will charge you a fee if you pay off your loan early. What? Yes, if you pay off early the lenders will lose the full interest that they would have earned in established agreement.

You have to know all of this or you must be informed by your lender about all the circumstances before signing anything.

A personal loan may be a good solution when you need extra money for a particular intent. But there are many circumstances to consider. You have to decide what sort of credit is best for your condition.

You must feel comfortable.  Also, you must find the payments like the one you can afford and not feel captured. Measure twice, cut once.


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