How To Find the Earning Potential?

Earning Potential - The Ways To Boost It
How to boost your earning potential? Here are several ways how to do that.

By Guy Avtalyon

Yes, earning potential is the highest salary for some professions. Are you ready for that? How to reach it? Why they won’t pay me that? Am I an stupid idiot who doesn’t deserve it? I am dying on my job, why I don’t have the biggest salary? 

S**t happens. 

No, that is the wrong answer.

The truth is that you don’t know how to boost your earning potential.

Well, you are not stupid but you never have thought about salary in this way. Your earning potential scenario was something like this: When I finish school I’ll find a job, and after many years of hardworking, I’ll make some progress and become the part of the management and my bosses will pay me more. 

Good scenario indeed. Do you have the biggest salary in your company or you are still struggling and you are living paycheck-to-paycheck? Are you waiting for the next payment? Do you have a second job? Part-time one? Another full-time engagement? 

And are you waiting for the Friday eve to get drunk? 

But your life doesn’t have to look like that. You deserve the better.

You’re living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Maybe, but just maybe, you have some savings. It is more likely that you are looking for ways to earn more. Do you want to boost your earnings? Of course, you want. I know that. So, where is the problem? 

Oh, sorry! You know only one way to boost the earnings. There is the key. What if I tell you there are so many ways to do so? 

Spending infinite hours every day in trying to survive isn’t the only way. 

To be clear I am not one of the believers in the Law of Attraction. That’s BS.

But I truly believe that if you want something, really want, nothing will stop you to achieve that.  

Also, I know it isn’t enough. If you only have the wish and do nothing, nothing will happen.

How to boost your earning potential?

First of all, do you really know your real earning potential?

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I can bet the majority don’t know. You have to utilize your skills where they are valued most. 

A Google search using the words “earning potential’ will give you plenty of opportunities and ways as a result. Some of them are very stupid and impossible to realize, trust me. 

If you want to boost your earning potential the first thing you have to do is to figure out what is your skills. What is the field where you are the best, where you are feeling comfortable and have control of the major situations that can arise? Okay, you understand the point.  

Let’s say you have a job. But the salary is the same almost all the time. Years and years with no progress. Can you be familiar with this? You are of my kind, honestly.

Let me ask you something. 

How to ask for a raise?

Why not?

It should be a normal thing. But you must have some arguments in your hands. As a must, you have to check how much others are paid for the same job in some other company and compare it with your case. When you find they are paid better, tell that to your boss and point to your advantage, how your work and engagement provide better results to the company. Tell your boss that you are outstanding in your field but underpaid. Well, you have to be reasonable and understand that the rise in your salary will not come overnight. Bosses and companies have their own financial plans. Show that you understand that because you really can. In most similar cases, the answer will be positive. 

But to repeat, you must have arguments, the wish isn’t enough. Arguments mean that you are truly aware of your qualities. Moreover, you have them and you showed them numerous times. So, ask for a raise to boost your earning potential.

If your boss disagrees with you, you have two other choices. One is to stay at your current job and wait for the other opportunity, and the other is to start finding a better-paid job in some other company. Sometimes big companies have internal job ads. Stay tuned, ask around and you will find something. A friend of mine is a high positioned manager thanks to an attitude like this.

Explore new opportunities for earning potential

Recently I read some surveys. Very interesting thing. That survey exposes that your salary may grow even 20% if you change your job. Changing a job is a great opportunity. Along with your salary raise, you will also have a chance to do what you do best.

Switch your job!

Yes, you might be more occupied but you will be paid better. The new job and new position will lead you to the promotion of your abilities. 

Dear, you are just one step away to boost your earning potential. Do it!

If nothing helps, start a side job. It can be anything from your own business to the stock market. There are so many ways to make money outside of your current job. 

The most important is to step away from self-pity. There is no time for wallowing in sentiment. 

This is the only life you have one and it has no repetition.

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