How to Reduce Costs and Still Live Like a Human?

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How to reduce costs and improve credit score

You don’t have enough cash, right? And you don’t know how to reduce costs.  Well, it’s more likely you don’t have a plan. First of all, try not to spend more than you earn. If you do, you would prevent the growing credit card debts and you would not have broken credit score. So, what to do when you have all of this? Honestly, you are not a lonely case. Don’t worry, you still have the chance to reach your financial intentions. 

All you have to do is to take several steps. So, let’s start. We don’t need all this stress surrounding us.

Neglect the 10% savings rule. This isn’t time for it. Forget it.

Puting10% of your salary into your savings account is a tricky part if you’re surviving paycheck to paycheck. You cannot save a cent. So, wait with that. So, the first step is to balance your budget.

Further, how to reduce costs…

Ask for bill extensions. It is often allowed. Talk to your landlord if you are worried to save a roof over your head. But consider the other possibilities to decrease your bills. For example, maybe you don’t need all the services your mobile provider is giving, or you may spend less money on electricity bills, and so on.

If your biggest worry is eviction from your apartment, talk to your landlord, but, also, see if you can get increases on any other expenses to free up money for keeping a roof over your head.

Let’s see what else you can do.

Analysis of your credit card payments. What? Do you want to tell you are using that for minimum payments? Well, you are on the right path to disaster. You will ruin your credit score! Don’t even try to avoid credit card payments. That will make your debts even worse.

Rather make the highest payment you can support. 

Decrease spending in other fields and stay focused on your debt. Yes, you may think are not saving money while you are increasing credit cards payments. But, honestly, you do. In this way, you will be able to save up to 30% per year in interest rate. For example, if you manage to pay $2,000 added this year, you will pay almost $600 ahead. It can be on-month-rate and you are on a good way to avoid eviction.

Moreover, prioritize your bills. Check what you have to pay as first and make a plan based on your paydays. If you already have some late bills, talk to representatives from bill company. Be honest with them and say you are going on a more stringent budget. Just tell them how much you can pay per month and don’t promise you will pay more with the next paycheck. What if some other costs arise? What are you going to do? So, just be honest.

Review your spending in the last month. Make a list of different categories or use online banking or some app for that. Call your credit card company or companies and try to reduce the interest rate. Negotiate!  

How to reduce costs else?

Try to reduce your expenses. Actually, you have to do so. Check your fridge! Is there rotten food? Of course, you have to shop for less fresh food. Make a menu for one week, for example, and stick with it. The big result will come with small steps. Cut back on coffee, invite friends to your home, instead to see them in restaurants. Eating out is expensive anyway. You will not need that for a while.

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Give your budget a one-month chance. Make notes every day, use the app on your mobile or some software on your computer. Follow the spending of every cent. And you will see where you need to adjust your spending. Decide where to cut. Oh, yes! Don’t try to exclude supermarkets, utilities, and rent. You have to buy food, you must have a place to live and you need electricity and other utilities. Just reduce the light (you are not living in the surgery room, for God’s sake), and start to cook.

And try to find more income.


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