How to make profitable trading with price action strategies?

Price Action Strategies
Experienced traders use price action strategies in trading to make more profitable trades. Price action strategies are one of the most used in current financial markets.

Price action strategies in trading are present for quite some time. They are here for good reason. That’s why these strategies are frequently used in the financial market. Price action strategies are used by both long-term and short-term traders. The point is that analyzing the price of a security is maybe the simplest but at the same time the most powerful approach to getting an edge over the market. And that is crucial for any trader. Having an edge means that you’ll not be found out by the market. 

Okay, you might think you are a great trader because you had several winnings. Do you really think that having luck is the most important part of trading?

Anyone can do the same if the lucky is a matter of importance.

Relying on luck is the danger because the wheel of fortune is turning around. And eventually, your winning trades will become great losses. All the profits you made during your winning streak will vanish like a soap bubble. That’s because you don’t have an edge. Actually, in this case, your edge is with the market which is too risky because at some point that edge will play out in favor of the market securing that trader loss. 

If you don’t have an edge and the edge is in the favor of the market, it is a matter of time until the edge starts to play out and you’ll become a loser. 

Think about this as a casino, for example. All tools and machines in the casino have odds adjusted in favor of the casino. In any case, the casino is the winner. Yes, from time to time someone will make a lot of money, but there are many losing players, more than winning. So, the casino will be the winner in any case.

That is the casino’s edge. The exact comes with your trading if you are only considering your next trade and never think about trading inside the market’s overall edge.

Stay focused on the price action

Price action is a trading method that enables a trader to understand the market and make trading decisions based on current and real price actions. So, in price action strategies you are not relying only on technical indicators. As you can see, the action price strategies are dependent on technical analysis. Some traders use price action strategies to generate a profit in a short time. 

If you want to be a price action trader, you must be focused on price action. This sounds like nonsense, you may think. But if you want to evaluate deeper, you will find the majority of traders think the price action strategies are the same as pattern trading. And that is a great mistake. 

While pattern trading requires just staring at the last candles of the chart and making a trade based on them, for price action trading you’ll need more. Yes, in pattern trading the last one or two candles can be an excellent entry signal, in price action strategies they are just candles among many many other candles on the chart.

Every successful price action trader knows how to read a price action chart as a whole and knows how to force them to tell the entire price action story. Price action traders have to interpret the real order flow, support and resistance, traders’ behavior and trends through the live price action.

What is price action trading?

Price action trading is trading in which traders base their decisions on the price movements of an asset which can be stock, forex, bonds, etc. There is no need to use other indicators, your trade is based on price action solely. Of course, you can use other methods but it will have a very small impact on your decisions.

The price action traders believe that the only valid source of data flows from the price itself. For example, when the stock prices go up, the price action traders know that investors or other traders are buying. Based on the aggressiveness of that buying, price action traders estimate will the prices continue to rise. These traders don’t care why something occurs. Their all concern is to find the best possible entry point with lower risks but with greater profits. For that to know, they are using real-time data, for example, volume, bids, offers, magnitude and similar. Also, historical charts are very important.

In trading – what is that?

First of all, price action trading is the method where you make all your decisions from the so-called “naked” price chart. That means there are no other indicators. All we have is price action. That’s a lot of data because all markets generate data about the price changes over different periods. And that data is displayed on the price chart. What can you read there? For example, everything about the beliefs and behavior of other traders and investors, no matter if they are humans or computers. Data is for a specific time frame and all opinions, beliefs, all financial data, news that affects price change, and behavior are visible on the chart as price action. 

The most important part, with knowing the price movements, you’ll be able to develop a really profitable trading system. All signals from the price action chart have a general name – price action trading strategies. These strategies can give you a chance to predict future movements with a high level of accuracy so you can make a profitable strategy.

Price action trading strategies can be used on a broad variety of securities including stocks, bonds, derivatives, forex, commodities, etc.

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Price action strategies

Trendline strategy

One of them is the trendline strategy, very simple to use. The main point here is to know how to draw trendlines. This is an important part because only if you do it properly you’ll be able to predict where the price will bounce off the trendlines. Well, you’ll take a trade based on it so be consistent in how you draw trendlines. 

Breakout strategy

The other price action strategy is a breakout. For example, a stock price is moving with a specific tendency. When it breaks the tendency, it is a signal for a new trading opportunity. To make this clearer, suppose a stock traded between $9 and $6 for the last two weeks. Suddenly, it moves above $9. So, the stock price changed the tendency. That is the signal for traders that the sideway moves are probably finished and the stock price is possible to go up to $10 or more.
Of course, you might be faced with a false breakout, but it is also an opportunity to trade in the opposite direction of the breakout.

Bars formation

Another price action strategies examine the price bars formation on a specific model of the chart. For example, candlestick charts. If traders use candlestick strategies, for example, the engulfing candle trend strategy. It is important to wait until the up candle engulfs a down candle during an uptrend. That should be your entry point, the moment when an up candle goes above the opening price of the down candle.

You can use price support and price resistance zones. That could give good trading chances. Support and resistance zones occur where the price has tended to reverse in the past and these points may be relevant in the future.

Bottom line

Price action strategies aren’t suitable for long term investments. They are aimed at short-term traders. So many traders don’t think that the markets never operate on consistent patterns. They believe the markets work randomly. The consequence is that they don’t think it isn’t possible to have a strategy that will work in any case. If you combine technical analysis with historical price data, price action strategies will allow you to make profitable trades. 

These strategies are very popular today due to its advantages. They provide flexible trades, access to many asset classes, use of any software, apps or trading websites. Moreover, traders have a chance to backtest any strategy on historical data. Also, maybe the most important part of price action strategies is that the traders have an opportunity to choose their actions on their own. So, that creative approach to trading is important for many of them. 

A lot of proponents on price action trading insist on high success rates. Trading has the potential for making great profits. Traders-Paradise suggests testing and acting after that. Just to be ready to meet your best possible profit chances.

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