How to Become a Professional Trader or Act Like a Pro?

How to Trade Stocks and Make Money?

Everyone would like to know how to successfully trade stocks but only a few know how to do that. Here are some suggestions.

There are not many people who know how to trade stocks and make money. Statistics confirm this. According to stats, only 5% of traders are successful. That means 95% of traders fail. Surprisingly, some stats show 80% of traders leave trading during their first two years. Moreover, almost half of all traders quit during the first month of trading. The other problem is that traders sell winners in a bigger percentage than losers.
Profitable traders represent a tiny part of all traders with just 1.6% in the average year. Nevertheless, they are very active, the estimate is that they are accounting for 12% of all trading activities per day.

Stock traders’ problems

Maybe the biggest problem in the stock market is that traders don’t learn how to trade stocks and make money. They are gambling, to put it simply. Even when they are using some demo accounts or following elite traders, they use it to set up their trades automatically without a meaningful process or plan. We found an interesting thing, traders and investors usually overweight stocks in the industry in which they are working. That’s smart. That is the industry they know well, the companies are known to them too, so the probability of successful trades might enhance. But there can be some drawbacks too. The emotional approach to trade is one of them. Simply said, these traders may act as cheerleaders. That isn’t smart trading. Even if they have profitable trades, the percentage of such trades is small. Otherwise, there would be more efficient traders in the stock market. 

Knowing these stats it’s understandable why traders fail. The trading decisions are not based on research or proven trading methods. They are based on emotions. Instead of learning how to trade stocks and make money, many traders view trading as a kind of game. Don’t hope to make millions with such an approach. It is more likely you will lose your shirt. Trading isn’t a game. On the contrary, it is a profession for which you’ll need skills, knowledge and continual education and development. It isn’t easy and no one should tell you it is. Hence, be careful of your trading decisions.

How professional traders know how to trade stocks and make money?

You might be questioning what professional traders know but you don’t. We are going to explain to you how to trade stocks and make money so you could act like a pro. It isn’t rocket science, actually, it is quite simple but we’ll need your full attention. 

First of all, don’t think that becoming an elite trader is something you cannot achieve. You are just a few steps away from being that. All you need to unveil how to trade stocks and make money is just around the corner.

So, let’s start!

Successful traders usually don’t have any insider information that is unavailable to you. You can gather them also but the real question is why should you do that. In fact, all you need to have trading success is a small adjustment in how you think about trading. In simple words, it is all about your mindset. To become a successful trader you MUST change some of your trading practices if you want to know how to trade stocks and make money, of course.

There is no secret recipe on how to trade stocks and make money

Beginners in trading usually are looking for a secret and instant way to success. If you are not one of them, you probably don’t enjoy trading. It is possible you are looking for some tools that will guarantee the profit. Well, it isn’t wrong. There are so many tools out there. Many of them can make your life easier. But you have to love the trading process, even the charts reading and finding patterns. Yes, that isn’t the most exciting part of trading, some may say. But try to look at that from the other point of view. For example, finding just one good, steady, price pattern might enhance your trade and can be beneficial for a long time, maybe for your lifetime. 

But let’s stay for a while on the subject of the joy of trading. The point is not to have fun (although you might have fun) but to understand what you are doing while trading and be ready to love it. There is no need to be an adrenaline addict but some dose of willingness to have excitement is necessary still. You have to understand the whole process, from the psychological perspectives, chart reading, to money management. And you have to love it. Otherwise, you will never succeed to become a really profitable trader. In other words, you need passion, knowledge, and tools.

The importance of tools in trading

When you start trading the stock market, you have to make three decisions: buy, sell, stay on the position. For that you need information. You have to know the stock historical performances. It is important to recognize the patterns. And that is exactly what one of the best books is giving to you. Let us introduce and recommend this particular one, the book The Two Formula: The Best Single Trading Pattern I Have Ever Used. This book doesn’t give you only theoretical knowledge. It is based on the personal experience of the author. That is the value per se. 

What will you find in the book The Two Formula: The Best Single Trading Pattern I Have Ever Used?

According to the author, Michael Swanson, the first time he used this trading pattern was in 1999. And how good this price pattern shows the fact he is using it for even more than 20 years. He reveals that just one single price pattern is quite enough for successful trading whatever you want stocks, funds, futures, commodities. Basically, you can use this price pattern for anything that you can draft on the technical charts. We have been reading a lot of books about trading. Also, we examined a lot of patterns but this particular one is extremely interesting. This trading strategy is completely unique. 

Few words about trading strategies

Essentially, a trading strategy is a method of buying and selling in the stock markets or some other markets. The trading strategy is based on rules that deem to end up with success in trading and in profit. So, most traders are guessing and trying to notice the bottom and the level where the price starts to go up in order to buy an asset in the hope it will rise further. The point is they are often wrong. Go back to the beginning of this article and you’ll see the stats. What do the majority of traders do? They are hunting price movement. But it very often turns into chaos. Why is that? They are not trading, instead, they are gambling, they place trades without a meaningful process. 

When they see how big mistakes they have, traders use charts to figure out what is wrong and try to fix it. Sometimes they are spending hours, days even weeks, staring at the charts to predict how the price will go in the future by using technical indicators, a lot of them. And they are confused more and more. These complicated images can fry their brain but their trades will not become more successful.

The simplicity of The Two Formula pattern

For any trader, the simplicity of the pattern is extremely important. If you have too many indicators added to the chart you will have a blurred picture. The essence of profitable trading is to have a steady plan, something that really works when setting the position. You must have confidence in what you are doing and you have to know how your trade will end up. This “Two Fold Formula” book can help to achieve all of that.

Where is the catch?

This book shows how with a one price pattern setup you can make a profit while trading. Basically, it is a simple strategy and that’s why it is an effective one. Easy to understand, easy to use, without misunderstanding. Everything is explained clearly and smoothly and, what is most important, based on personal experience and proven. 

Some traders have to lose, but you would have a chance to make a profit with this method. Any trade has only two ends: loss or profit. Why shouldn’t you profit? This may help you to trade like a pro

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Bottom line

People are afraid of the risk, but these two formula pattern seems to be using some good indicators and a more “tuned” strategy. 

Pro tip: use it with our preferred trading platform virtual trading system to see if it’s working before trying on real funds (68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money)

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