Asian shares a sea of red on trade, emerging market anxieties 2
Asian shares a sea of red on trade, emerging market anxieties

2 min read   (Reuster) According to Reuters, Asian shares fell for a sixth straight session on Thursday as oil skidded and safe-haven gold gained, with investor confidence shaken by turmoil in emerging markets and…

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Viva La Crypto! 1
Financial Freedom – Viva La Crypto!

2 min read The cryptocurrency revolution is financial freedom and  independence The religious wake up in the morning and thank God they are alive.Unlike them, I wake up and thank the internet for the generous bounty it…

Freedom or Utopia? Leftist Or Left-leaning?

                                    3 min read Freedom or utopia, what is Bitcoin? Freedom or utopia, fraud or bubble, you could…

Small Crypto Dictionary
Small Crypto Dictionary – The Words You Never Heard

2 min read How did I decide to write this crypto dictionary? Small Crypto dictionary is a necessity and you will see why. It was like this. One day I decided I would become a…

How To Follow Your Trading Portfolio

5 min read There you are! You are a proud owner of crypto or stock and have a trading portfolio! So, what is the next step? How to follow your own portfolio? Let me remind…

How To Trade Crypto And Stocks / Forex

4 min read How to trade crypto? It is similar but at the same time different from other trades, for example, stocks or forex. At first, we have to define the difference between crypto and…

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