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First, let’s start with the facts – 85% of traders lose money. And since it’s a zero-sum game, the other 15% of traders make all other 85%’s money. Yes, you’re reading correctly: At any point, there are only about 15% of the trader’s population that profit from it.

If you’ve ever tried to trade, you KNOW you need an exit strategy. If you’ve never traded – you’re SURE that you’ll know when to get out of your positions only by your intuition.

Although it is a simple and easy-to-use tool, it is suitable only for traders who traded at least once.

Why? Because only once you’ve tried to trade using your intuition, and you see that you CANNOT do it – only then you understand that you need more sense and strategy into your trading.

That’s why we want to introduce, for the first time in history – Exit strategy builder! Design and test “Stop Loss & Take Profit” strategies (exit strategy) and in a few seconds learn how good this strategy is:

  • How many times it finished with a win (the success rate) the past week, past 3 months,  past year!
  • What is the average profit (or lose) you can make with every strategy
  • How much time, on average, this strategy takes (plan your risk management strategy)
  • Every strategy is unique and it’s UP TO YOU to find the best one!
  • Strategy changes on a daily basis, so you MUST test them on a daily basis

All the data is true and 100% accurate. All data come from an official market data supplier.


How to use this tool:

Main features (“Results”):

  1. For a $10,000 (you can click on it to change the amount of money for your initial trade) position, on average, how much will this strategy profit (or lose) and how long an average position takes? For example:
  2. What are the success rates of this specific strategy over the past week, the last 3 months, and the past year (Click on each of them to see more info and the logs of the positions)

    UNFINISHED – This means that this strategy’s lines (where you put the Take Profit & Stop Loss percentages) are too far away from the current price, that these positions not yet reached it’s exit points, therefore is still in a position. You can see all the details if you click on the success rate’s percentages.

    When clicking on the “Last 3 Months” you can see more info about all the positions that took place

  3. Strategy Score: The score is a combination of: “Less time = better” and “Higher profit = better”. Using both of these rules, our formula calculates the score. The higher the score – the better. Keep trying to optimize it.


How to start?

  1. Choose a stock or a company. For example: AAPL – Apple Company.
    Choose a company or stock
  2. Choose an exit strategy. For example: Take Profit: 4.5% & Stop Loss: -3.5%.
  3. Click “Go!” – and see the results. Simple as that!!

General knowledge:

Some strategies are better than others, even if it’s less than 0.5% between them. Check out all combinations. For example, if you reach a pick at 2.75% try also 2.78% and 2.72% and see which one is giving better results

All data is real and accurate but it’s not live. Most of the data is updated once a day and in some assets a few times a day.

Since new data keeps coming, you need to continuously run and tests for strategies. If a strategy is good today – it might change the next day so keep checking for strategies every once in a while.

Another example of a good strategy on another stock (Symbol: AAON):

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