Every day’s checking may cause a loss to your money

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How Often to Check The Investments

by Guy Avtalyon

Your investments should certainly be periodically checked but not every day. Even though it is your money invested. You have a bigger chance to lose money if you check your investments every single day.


Well, you know that the price changes occur very frequently due to the stock market volatility. The stock price can rise and drops hourly. Watching that, you may feel a bit more nervous about your investments and provoke you to sell instead to hold and wait for the price to increase. Also, you have to know that daily fluctuation in stock prices does not influence your investments. The most important is how your stocks perform in a bigger time frame.

If you check your investment too frequently, you will end up acting irrationally to market movements and sell your stock at a low price.

Yes, I know,  our investments may give us the impression that we will never end up with sufficient money. You have to know how often to check your investments so that you don’t destroy them. 

For new investors, quick gains can cause investing to look impressive. It is normal to check your investment every night. I can understand that. I know some investors are checking several times a day. If you need to be worried about your investment it is a sign you made the wrong choice. 

If your portfolio loses just a bit in a few days or weeks there is no reason to panic. The statistic shows that fresh investors usually put money in mutual funds or ETFs because they are afraid to invest in more volatile stocks and they avoid them. The truth is that holding stocks requires more attention, time to track them, and knowledge.

But you can’t have only mutual funds or ETFs in your portfolio and check them once a year. You would like to have stocks as well. And a lot of things will be changed.

So, how often to check the investments?

With stocks, things are pretty different. You have to check them at least once a week to notice if something, some event, for example, influences your investment.

If you are holding or trading individual stocks, try to check them quarterly. OK, maybe monthly if you are so nervous. It is reasonable to check your investments from time to time. But too much checking can make you panic and sell at a lower price. And you will start that chain. That frequently checking will cause trading, fast trading will cause over-selling, over-selling will produce more fees and costs. Also, if you have too much trades you will have low returns.

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It is smart to pick a good investment strategy and stay with it. Check the progress of your investment quarterly and check the price, for example, monthly.

With mutual funds and ETFs, you have wide diversification, so once a year is enough. 

With stocks, check it out by online approval or in the paper version. Most of the financial websites such as  Yahoo Finance and some others offer stock research data. Also, your broker has quotes available.

How often to check your investments? Less is better. You are investor, investing is a marathon, it is for a long run. Make a reasonable plan, according to your risk tolerance, be patient. Rebalance your investments once a year and let your money work for you.


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