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Unlimited Trailing Stop Alerts

This feature tracks your entered stock, determining and re-adjusting the optimal stop loss placement. When price hits stop - You get notified.

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Unlimited "Enter to Demand Zone" Alerts

When your selected stock enters the Buyers or Demand Zone, you will receive a notification.

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When a stock's price exceeds our predictions, it's a strong upward trend indicator. Enter a stock, and we'll notify you when it's trending up.

Access to Algo-trader

Discover trading strategies tailored for the Insighter Algorithm, categorized by sectors for optimal diversification. Access comprehensive trading strategies, including entry points, stop-loss levels, and take-profit zones.

Access to Canary Risk Algorithm

Utilizing the Canary Risk Score is a vital component in aligning trading decisions with risk tolerance and market conditions, leading to a more secure and informed trading strategy.

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