Investing stocks for quick money

Start Investing with $100 and Make a FortuneStart investing with $100 only is possible, here is how to do that.

By Guy Avtalyon

You really don’t believe it’s possible to start investing with $100? I’ll show you how is possible. Are you wondering about making money on the stock market with only investing a 100-200$?

Start investing with $100 may sound tricky, but it isn’t impossible.  The fact you don’t have much money to invest shouldn’t stop you.

Yeah, I know!

Starting to invest is challenging anyway, but even more, if you think it is impossible to start investing with $100.   When you jump over that difficulty, investing is pretty easy.

Don’t be scared! It is very possible to invest with a bit of money and profit yet.

Honestly, $100 is not some kind of limit. You can invest even less.

Don’t think that investing requires a fortune. If you already have a fortune why should you want to start earning?

How to Start Investing with $100?

This is the place where it becomes a bit complicated.

Discouraged at the first step? Just be patient and continue your reading!

Yes, one of the significant puzzles with investing with a little money is that broker’s fees can be expensive.

For example, if you buy one stock, some brokerage can take off from your account up to $20. So, you would have only $80 to invest.

When you start investing with $100, your first step is to open an investment account. For that, you have to find a good brokerage firm.

Don’t let anyone discourage you. Brokerages are like banks. But there is a difference, the brokers are concentrated on holding investments.

In order to help you more, we will give you a list of the best and most cheapie brokers.

* 1. Zulutrade

* 2. Wallstreet-forex robot

* 3. TradeInvest90

But we rather go to talk about the ways to start investing with just $100.

Traders-Paradise - AI-Driven Trading Insights

This is the place where the fun begins.

Where you can get help?

For example, from automated robo-advisors.


The answer is as simple as that. When you want to start with $100 or less, you wouldn’t like a big broker fee.

Robo-advisors afford online automatic investing assistance.

The computer performs everything. Your obligation is to put your risk tolerance and your aims. That’s all!
The computer will select an investment that is meeting your goals. It will recognize them upon your inputs.

And do you what is the best part of robo-advisors?

There is no account minimum. You can start your investment without fears.

Actually, there are some robo-advisors that will request, for example, $5 balance or you have to pay $1 per month because of your account worth under $5,000.

But you should never take this as a setback.

Investing stocks getting started

Also, you can start investing with $100 and buy one stock of some company that pays the dividend.
What is the formula here?

When you buy a dividend stock, you can re-invest them in more stock. In this way, you will expand your portfolio. Moreover, you will not drain your account. You will earn more and more.

Also, you can buy individual stocks.

With just $100 you might not be able to buy a lot of stocks. But here is the trick! Choose one right stock! That will bring you money in return. For that purpose, you can find some discount broker. A lot of them have research tools, very helpful to find the right individual stock.

Open a savings account

That can be a safe investment. The advantage here is that the savings account is secured at a bank and guaranteed by the FDIC if you are US resident.

If you open a savings account it will provide you interest. So, we can say you started investment.

Not, quite, but still.

That interest is lower than you could earn with real investment but you will have some income. Try to put $100 every month on your savings account, with an interest rate of over 1.50 %, after 40 years, you will see. Compound interest will do its job.
Moreover, it is almost impossible to lose money in the savings account.

Remember, happiness follows fearless people. So, don’t be afraid to start investing with just as little as $100. The main reason to invest is to increase your wealth.

It will not come overnight. Well, maybe it will but it is better not to count on it. Let time work for your benefit and on your side.

Don’t waste your money!

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