Target is one of sixth-best performing stocks in the S&P 500 index

Target Corporation The Hot Stock In The Market
Target Corporation’s market capitalization is $64.11B with the total outstanding Shares of 179.
The company has an EPS growth of 8.06% for the coming year.

By Guy Avtalyon

Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) has made excellent moves in the late years. They developed a lot of benefits to customers. Besides remodeling their stores, they added same-day fulfillments, in-store orders for goods, and delivery through Shipt and Drive Up. The result was that the TGT stock price rose almost twice in 2019.

The best of all, the holidays are coming and it looks that Target is prepared for an extra rise in sales. Target Corporation has added 50 million paid hours and has increased the number of employees, all of this with the expectation that the sales will grow over the holidays. To make a better offer to customers, the company added 10.000 new toys, including Disney’s products and numerous cheap gifts that you have to pay less than $15. Moreover, they made a deal with Toys R Us to improve online sales. 

So, Target looks prepared for Black Friday and holiday shopping season.

TGT price was $126.89 yesterday (Nov 26) and marked an increase of 1.36% or $1.70.

Investors were fascinated with Target Corporation

Target has almost doubled its market value this year. Its quarterly reports fascinated investors. Over a third-quarter, Target rose its comparable sales by 4.5%. That drives the stock price to the sky.

The company’s digital comparable sales increased by 31% in Q3. The great contribution came from Its same-day fulfillment services. That should provide a Target to have strong traffic in the fourth quarter.

It is possible for Target’s earnings to go up to 10%.  

If you want to trade TGT stock Traders Paradise tool shows that you can set up stop-loss at  -2% and take-profit level at +1.75%, which will give you a nice return of $74,78 in less than two days on your investment of $10.000. But it is better if you check it on your by your own.


The future of  TGT stock

We at Traders-Paradise think Target Corporation stock is a good long-term investment.
If you are looking for stocks with good returns, Target Corporation can be a profitable investment option. TGT is quoted at $126.89 today (2019-11-27).
Based on historical data, but more on our analysis,  investors may expect an increase in TGT stock price after five years it can easily reach  $207 with revenue of more than 60%. If you invest $10.000 in this stock today after five years your investment could be over $16.000. The analysts’ recommendation is a strong BUY for this stock. This year Target is sixth-best performing stock in the S&P 500 index.

About Target Corporation

“Expect more. Pay, less.” This is the company’s motto from the early days. Target Corporation is founded by George D. Dayton, a New York businessman who’s first interest was the banking and real estate. He started this business on Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis by opening the Dayton Dry Goods Company, today is known as Target Corporation. Dayton was head of the company until he died in 1938. Later, his son and grandsons developed the company into a national retailer.

The first Target store started on May 1, 1962. It was a branch of the  Dayton’s department store offering “a new kind of mass-market discount store that caters to value-oriented shoppers seeking a higher-quality experience.”

Its main rival is Walmart with prices hard to beat, and instead of that Target appeared as “cheap chic” by recruiting well-known designers like Michael Graves, Tracy Reese, or Lilly Pulitzer. This great tactic has made Target retail with richer customers than Walmart’s. Honestly, even the wealthiest Americans like to purchase at Target. Even the people with a net worth above $5 million are shopping there.


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