Focused groups solve loss problems but always ask for a free trial

Can Focused Groups Solve Loss Problems?
How do focused groups work? What are the advantages?

By Guy Avtalyon

Yes, we have to discuss focused groups.

You do not need a time machine to profit from crypto It’s true. If you invested in Bitcoin 7 years ago, 5 years ago or even 2 years ago – you would become a millionaire.

But, it’s still can happen.

In fact, people are still making good profits from it. Some even left their day jobs because of it I DO NOT say you need or will leave your day job

Everyone needs a secure and safe income, and we all know there are many risks in the fortune markets, the stock markets, and even the crypto markets.

But the time is now.

Let me share a scenario I believe will happen:

First of all, you should know (if you don’t by now) that crypto wallets are public for everyone to see how much you have inside, BUT it’s encrypted that way no one can know whom this wallet belongs to…

So, we can all see the largest bitcoin wallets there is:

Two things interest us most:

  1. There are 1,292(!!) wallets with over 10MIL of US Dollar worth in them
  2. And the richest wallet has $1,839,622,745 USD of worth in it (Almost 2 Billion(!!!!!) Dollar) for lucky address number 3D2oetdNuZUqQHPJmcMDDHYoqkyNVsFk9r

Why do we care about all these?

Again, for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s clear there is A LOT of money into it
  2. By the fact we are a lot smaller than them, we can use their largeness to our advantage!
What do I mean?

Say, a big shark, someone with a wallet of 5 million dollar wants to start making these profits for real and monetize it into dollars. That means – sell it at market price for any demand.

He can do it for only until some kind of limit, once he tries to get rid of a lot, it will definitely impact the price Bitcoin is trading. So, the largest your wallet is – the more difficult it will be for you to turn it into more usable money.

In fact, the fact those wallets still have those amounts of money in them means 2 things:

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  1. They lost the password, which means those bitcoins are lost forever
  2. They turn it into money slowly, slowly so it won’t impact the trading price

What we aim to do, besides many more things we do, is to follow the leader
It’s a common strategy in the Game Theory industry.

What it basically means, is that once you’re not the leader (in this case, for sure) – you should look carefully at what is the leader doing and copy it as fast as you can.

You can learn more about it here:

So how can you profit off it?

It’s simple.

You got a few options:

  1. Buy and hold for at least two years (most risky)
  2. Trade it. Just trading Bitcoin most of the times, using profit and loss boundaries, can make you profit with day trading (sometimes can take up to few days)
  3. Join some focused groups who are focused on the wealth of the entire group

How do the focused groups work?

Most of the times it’s based on 3 things:

  1. The knowledge of the combined group.

It is well known that the crowd’s knowledge is better than any individual. Even the smartest alive is dumber than a group of 100 ignorance.

So with this kind of social empowered brain, where different people from different countries with different news they read in different time meet – the predictions can be way better than an individual one.

  1. Educating

It’s true, it’s never 100% of the people in the group (focused groups are no exception) take part in learning and educating themselves, and stay a silent part of the group that only wants to profit.

Most of the people aren’t like that – they like to learn more, investigate have a healthy curiosity and, well, let’s face it:

When it’s your money at risk – you should try to do ANYTHING you can to feel more secure.

  1. Using high technologies to measure and predict trends
This is the advantage.

Even when you have the smartest people in the world in your group, there is only so much a human being can do.

For an example of high technologies that can potentially be the difference between ‘profit’ and ‘lose’ can be are:

  1. Following the biggest wallets – this means, if the technology detects unusual movements in the bigger wallets, it can indicate that they know something other people yet know and use it to their advantage.
  2. Following trends and market movements
  3. Comparing prices between many cryptocurrencies to make profits of arbitrage (the difference between the same crypto coin’s prices in different markets it’s traded on) etc.

In fact, there are many more ways technology could help us gain advantages in the market…

Bitcoin Focus Group is one of the few that combine all of them together. It’s mostly because they already have experience and active users.

Every similar group can be successful. It only needs to have active users inside and gain experience. Experience lets improving all systems.

Another thing that we must never forget – the focused groups’ interest is that everyone will gain profits. If some lose, the focused groups’ reputation drops drastically.

I feel I need to warn again – there is no easy money (you will read about a lot in this blog) – We just try to outsmart some of the people.

That’s all!

Take into consideration, most of the focused groups have time and seat limit, so be sure to sign up. Do not pay in advance, always ask for a free trial if possible.

Bitcoin Focus Group is recommended – Hurry up and check if you’re qualified.

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