Tradeo is a unique Forex & Commodities CFD broker

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Tradeo have been established since 2011, and have a head office in Cyprus.

If you try to find them on Facebook and visit their page, you will find that they don’t have many followers, barely 16,000 which is strange for a broker with almost 8 years of experience.

Anyway, Tradeo is a unique Forex & Commodities CFD broker offering a social trading platform. Based on a variety of performance indicators, investors can search and find hundreds of traders to copy or follow, which is good for new ones.

Although many believe that Social Trading is seen by many as an easy way to invest, however there are some risks involved.

To open a live account, you’ll need a minimum deposit of $250 or to use their demo account which is better because you have chance to learn and you can use this FREE DEMO ACCOUNT to try with paper money trading.

Take your time, test, learn, see how it looks when you lose trades, see when you win some.

Also, you can follow what experienced traders do.

Proper research and time must be spent on vetting the various traders you want to follow. But beware, past performance is never an indication of future results, which means a “good” trader will not necessarily continue to be profitable.

And after some time you can open a real account. That’s a big opportunity.

But every single information you can have if you visit their website. which is available in several languages: English, Français, Русский, Italiano, Español, Arabic, Português, German, English and Korean.

That’s why they have a BrokerNotes A support rating because Tradeo offers over three languages.

Use this link to check:

In the process of opening account, you’ll need to answer a few basic compliance questions to confirm how much trading experience you have. That’s why you have to put aside at least 15 minutes or so to complete the account opening process.

Every new client must pass a few basic compliance checks to ensure that you understand the risks of trading and are allowed to trade.

It’s important to note that you won’t be able to make any trades until you pass compliance, which can take up to several days, depending on your situation and on your personal data.


Tradeo is licensed in the European Union by CySEC in Cyprus with licensed number 282/15.

For clients outside of Europe, they are is owned by; Adelane Trading Ltd., which is located at Bul. Todor Aleksandrov 28, Floor 9, Sofia, Sofia Center, Bulgaria.

Using a regulated broker is the smart choice for all investors because their license offers you various protections.

Many forex brokers try to be all things to all people at the same time but fail due to a lack of focus. On their website, we find “Tradeo is pioneering the world’s first true Social Trading platform. Backed by leading venture capital firms, Tradeo is committed to revolutionizing the financial trading experience. We’ve spent the last three years working on a suite of exceptional Social Trading tools. From accurate market feeds, advanced charting, and groundbreaking social features to our beautiful interface, Tradeo’s technology represents a quantum leap in the quality of a trader’s overall online experience.”

Tradeo’s operating platform sets them apart from the herd of competitors in this field. Not only can you mirror-trade by choosing from a large group of expert global traders, but you may also learn from the strategy commentary included by the service and set loss limits that will automatically protect your risk downside. The social trading feature set is free. You may trade forex, stocks, commodities, and indices, and your account is protected by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. (CySEC)


You can find several reasons:

1) Tradeo was founded after three years of intense development, by experts in the forex industry and social trading operating systems;
2) Two trading platforms: Tradeo’s proprietary trading platform or MT4;
3) Nearly 100 asset choices, comprised of forex pairs, stocks (CFDs), commodities, and  indices;
4) Free demo account for unlimited time, and only one account    classification;
5) No dealing desk – full Straight-Through Processing (STP) trading model;
6) Help desk support available online via email or live chat, or direct    phone line;
7) No additional commissions for Social Trading features;
8) Leverage offered up to 200:1.

And for beginners very important information.

One of the features of the Tradeo social trading platform is that additional commentary is provided that explains the strategic moves of your choice of partner. In other words, you may learn as you go with each mirrored trade.

Also, automatic stop-losses may be set for your protection.

And you have several ways to access to support personnel which is available through live chat, email or direct phone connection.

You can find great recommendations and testimonials for Tradeo in forums:

“I thought it would be hard to get started, but they really made it easy. Once I picked a few leading traders to copy, it was all automatic – now I just sit back and watch them trade for me!”

But also:

“I’ve been with Tradeo but I’m soon leaving. I’m waiting to be paid my Rev Share commissions since 6 weeks. I posted a message on their chat wall asking if anybody else got the same problem and guess what? A formal Senior Account Manager answered that they cannot afford anymore any payment and that he is still waiting to receive part of his salary. SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL ….”

As we can see, the experiences are different. We can not ignore the fact that mistakes are sometimes caused by our side.

So, it is the smartest way to create a demo account at first. To avoid mistakes.

Tradeo competes with eToro, one of the largest “Social Trading” brokers.

But eToro has ‘’Copy Portfolio’’.

About other respectable exchanges read HERE

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