Best forex trading apps of 2020 for your smartphone

How To Profit On A Smartphone?
You can use your smartphone to trade forex through one of the many Forex apps. You don’t need a PC or laptop anymore.

By Guy Avtalyon

Do you know how to profit from a smartphone? No, you don’t need to sell it. It’s about how to use it and profit. Actually, you can start profiting on a smartphone right now. This second. I’ll explain to you how to do that.

What I am talking about is trading. You can trade stocks, forex… Trading is the easiest way to earn money from your smartphone. For example forex trading.

Forex trading runs 24/7. Can anyone stay in front of a computer or laptop for 24 hours? You know the answer already. So, you can find a broker with a platform that offers currency trading from a smartphone. Everything you need is good internet access. 

Here is how to profit on a smartphone even if you’re traveling or you’re far away from your computer. 

Let’s say you have an open position and you’re waiting for some news to decide what to do. But you have to leave your office or home and will not be able to check the news for the next several hours. Here is your smartphone on the scene. You’ll get the necessary news on your mobile. So, you’ll take out your mobile from the pocket, open your chosen trading platform, close the position you hold and earn your money. Make your profit!

Trading forex or stocks on a smartphone is one of the best solutions that can make you money. Also, one of the most comfortable.  

The advantages of trading on a smartphone

First, you don’t need to invest money to buy a smartphone because you already have it. Second, you don’t need extra money to invest in the internet because you already have it. Well, the truth is you’ll need faster internet and more megabytes. Third, quite good apps you can find for free. Fourth, you don’t need a special room or so to trade, you can do it from any place all over the globe. The rest depends on your trading personality

Sounds good enough, right?

Basically, it is the most comfortable. Imagine the following situation. You’re stuck in the traffic jam. What are your chances of using a laptop and trading from your car? There are some, to be honest, but you don’t have your laptop in hand. Your smartphone is right there. And you have some apps installed (we’ll talk about apps more later) so you don’t need to waste your time to find good internet access. You already have 4G or even 5G for outstanding internet service.

You are always up-to-date, you have market data in real-time. In my opinion, the smartphone is much better and more convenient than a laptop. When you use a smartphone for trading forex, you have real-time currency rates. That’s all you need to trade, sell, and buy currency, whatever you like based on your strategy.

Forex mobile apps simplify your trading 

The truth is they make it more flexible. When trading on smartphones using apps there is a minimum chance to lose profitable trade opportunity. You can trade anywhere and anytime! What is better than this? So let’s see How to profit on a smartphone.

Forex trading apps for smartphones or IPhone are incredibly useful. No matter if you use them for your business or for trading currencies. Well, this post is about trading currencies. So let’s see what apps are recommended as best.

At a glance, without doubts, you can use TD Ameritrade, ThinkTrader, MetaTrader, and FXTM.

Among the stock trading platforms to practice with you can choose Stock Trainer. 

Stock Trainer is a training app experienced for android. If you still don’t have enough experience in the stock market you’re qualified to use this app. You’ll get a virtual trading experience, necessary knowledge with real market data, you can practice where to set stop-loss orders, limit-orders, where to take profit. Moreover, you’ll find this app in the Android Google Play store and for free. 

Traders-Paradise - AI-Driven Trading Insights

Thinktrader is a wonderful trading platform that provides analysis. The main advantage is that this forex trading app is really advanced. This app will help you to spot and track currencies worth your money. Also, you’ll have access to indicators and tools for drawing charts. Thanks to split-screen and quad-screen modes you’ll be able to watch several markets at a time. This app will provide you, besides analysis tools, trade data, streaming quotes for the major currencies trading, relevant news in real-time, all markets from Europe, America, and Asia are covered. But most importantly you’ll have trading alerts, the trading simulator, the risk scanners, statistics reports, and many other useful tools. This app is available to free download for iOS and Android.

FXTM is an automated forex trading platform. Maybe the most popular among forex traders due to its full regulation. Anyone can use it, from beginners to advanced traders. Also, it offers leverage, so you can boost your earning potential. But the same leverage will not be offered to every trader. It will be done according to your experience. The great advantage for beginners is that you’ll have a plethora of educational materials on hand and a lot of free trading tools.

The other benefit of using Thinktrader are variable and fixed spreads. Also, you can withdraw your money in a few minutes after you close your trade. You can make trades with quick execution rates. This is a very convenient and trustworthy app. The app isn’t free to download, you’ll need a deposit of $1.000.

MetaTrader is another extremely popular forex trading platform. What can you expect here? First of all, interactive charts, superior tools, and also, you can trade different financial instruments. Meta Trader is suitable for real traders that use Android. This app offers a comprehensive analysis of the markets. It uses real-time interactive charts that include historical data for any financial instrument. So, you can easily monitor quotes and price movements and make money

Trading in Forex on your smartphone

So, you can see how to profit on a smartphone. 

You can download so many apps related to trading. Even if you don’t have a full understanding of forex trading these apps will help you a lot. You’ll have, for example, all forex news if you have a forex news app, all accurate data, you can learn to trade or gain more experience. It’s so easy to find a free app that will help you in decision making. By using a smartphone you’ll be able to trade easy, smooth, and fast. You don’t need a robust or high-end computer to make a trade. Moreover, you can trade no matter where you are, you don’t need to sit at home or office and monitor your trades. 

Like it is with any job: you should work smart, not hard. Apps are here to make our trades easier and more profitable. 

In short, that is how to profit on a smartphone. It’s so easy today. So, don’t hesitate, download some free app, test it, practice and make your first real trade after that. 

Happy trading, guys!

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