O2Micro International Limited (OIIM) rose an unbelievable 30% over the last month

O2Micro International Limited - Penny Stock To BuyO2Micro International Limited increased the Q4 2019 revenue forecast to be at a $17 million range.
This stock is a good short-term opportunity

By Guy Avtalyon

O2Micro International Limited is a penny stock and recently the company announced great revenue for the third quarter. The revenue was up by about 12%. Moreover, several days ago the company raised revenue forecast for Q4. And investors noticed it. Yes, the price of shares dropped on Friday, December 6 for 1.36% and the current price is at a bit more than $1.73. 


But what makes us think it is a good stock to be watched in December?

According to Reuters, O2Micro International Limited develops, produces and sells components for power management. They are supplying producers of computers, the communication industry, automotive. O2Micro International Limited produces integrated circuits for LCDs and for LED, desktop and notebook monitors, digital cameras, electric bikes, LEVs (low emission vehicles) apps, smartphones, GPS, etc.

O2Micro International Limited financial highlights for the third quarter 

O2Micro International Limited reported Q3 revenue of $16.0 million. It was up 12.3% but lower 4.7% from the same quarter last year. The gross margin in the last reported quarter was 51.4%. It is higher from 50.1% in the second quarter and by 50.5% higher than in the third quarter of last year. The company kept the gross margin in the targeted range. 

O2Micro International Limited reported that over the third quarter it recorded total GAAP operating expenses of $9.4 million. For the second quarter, it was $9.7 million. In its Q3 report, we could see the GAAP loss of $200,000, while in the Q2 it was $2.8 million.

GAAP net loss per fully diluted ADS was $0.01 in Q3 this year, in Q2 it was $0.11 and for the third quarter last year, it was $0.13.

The future of OIIM stock price

In our opinion, O2Micro International Limited stock isn’t a good long-term investment. It is still a high-risk long-term investment. But if you prefer short-term investing, not longer than 3 months, this could be a good choice. Traders Paradise sees this stock at the lowest price at $1.90 in the next 14 days. But be prepared for several jumps and falls during that time. Our data shows that this stock was in the uptrend in the past 12 months and this will continue over the next 3 months since the stock is in rising tendency. 

Actually, the stock is in the middle of a strong and wide uptrend. In the short term, it isn’t bad since it could rise around 29% in the next 3 months and hit the price between $1.90 and $2.40 at the end of that period.

Bottom line

On December, 2 O2Micro International Limited (NASDAQ: OIIM) increased the Q4 2019 revenue forecast to be in the mid to high $17 million range. That is for one million more than the company reported in its Q3. 

Does it mean that the management has some trump card to show in the coming months? We believe the answer is yes. 

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There is a buy signal coming from the relation between short and long moving average. If the stock price breaks down somewhere between $1.70 and $1.50, which are the support levels, the sell signal will be issued. Well, some negative signal is already issued. On December, 4 a sales signal came from a pivot top point. That means further falls until a new bottom pivot has been found. Traders should know that the volume of this stock fell by 4 590 with the dropping stock price. Technically speaking, it is good. But the risk may come from the low liquidity.

The stock has several short-term signals and a good trend. That’s why we think that there is a buying opportunity for the short-term.


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