The self-declared father of Bitcoin said he ‘lost the hard drive’ containing billions in Bitcoin

This Faketoshi is worse than anyone before

By Traders-Paradise Team

In the blog posts named “My Reveal, Faketoshi saïd his birth name was Bilal Khalid, but he changed it to James Bilal Caan. The inspiration was actor James Khan. Faketoshi saw hin in BBC’s Dragon’s Den, a popular TV show. 

“After the creation of Bitcoin and having chosen the alias name of Satoshi Nakamoto, thanks in part to Hal Finney, I was watching the movie The Godfather when I saw James Caan,” Faketoshi wrote, “It was at that moment I thought, ‘I am the godfather of digital cash’.”

Sorry, but could this guy be more serious?

A guy with such technological bravery? He should be more open-minded and responsible. The name changing is a more serious decision.  

Faketoshi and Bitcoin

Bitcoin‘s real father holds a fortune of 980,000 BTC or $10.4billion.
If this is the real Nakamoto, why he cannot move the coins?

Oh, yes he lost the hard drive. C’mon, the hard drive isn’t key-chain!

James Bilal Caan is a Pakistani, the UK resident. He is working for the National Health Service, repairing its infrastructures. How did such a guy decide to engage someone else to take care and fix his precious hard drive? Respect, no one before tried to make us as a fool like he is trying. At some point, it is funny. 

This guy has a photo of that laptop. He lost the only evidence to prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Can you believe that?

Oh, yes! CIA is involved! C’mon!

And a new project is here, “AnnurcaCoin”! Caan claims it is the first centralized cryptocurrency and blockchain framework in the world.

“I was working on the next phase of Bitcoin and Blockchain that again I hoped would transform the world,” he added.

This is suspicious.

People, he is spending his unique opportunity to reveal the most kept secret on who is real Satoshi Nakamoto to promote the new product?

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No, way! This guy is 100% fake!

In his third and latest blog post, Caan said 

The question arises, how someone so dedicated to the numbers and had a fantastic result and, at the same time,  cryptography wizard is so religious? Why this question? The numbers are facts, and when you are dedicated to the facts how can you believe in something that can’t be proven by the facts?

BTW, he also has to change this photo. Unprofessional work, too.

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