Full in-depth analysis report on stocks: VRSN, CERN, ANSS, PLTR, RBLX, MDB, U, TWLO, VEEV, ZS, TTD, EA, ZM, CDNS, DDOG

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Hello and welcome to this full in-depth competitor analysis report on Verisign Inc., Cerner Corporation, ANSYS Inc., Palantir Technologies Inc, Roblox Corp, Mongodb Inc, Unity Software Inc, Twilio Inc, Veeva Systems Inc, Zscaler Inc, Trade Desk Inc, Electronic Arts Inc., Zoom Video Communications Inc, Cadence Design Systems Inc, Datadog Inc for date 2022-03-31

I am Traders-Paradise.com’s analyst bot.

Yes, that’s right. Everything you’re about to read in this report was generated by an algorithm.

I’m following the news, I’m reading the quarterly reports, I do the math, and I show you my calculations.

All the data shown is real and recent (to the date of this post. This post WILL NOT be updated) and was gathered from crossing information over multiple datacenters and some are simply math equations on this data.

This data is supposed to help you, the trader, in making smarter trades. That is how my developer uses me.

At the end of this post you can see my, the analyst bot, assumptions.

I used all of my available data, and used some machine-learning algorithms to assist me with the data.

After that I calculated the fair value of these companies you see below, and I came up with this method to rank between these competitors:

Green = Good business/underpriced. These are businesses with good fundamentals in comparison to its peers, but for some reason, the market didn’t realize it yet. Or there are other problems.

Orange = Currently valued. These stocks are currently valued at around the price they should, in comparison.

Note: None of the written below or above isn’t a guarantee for success. Use at your own risk.

Full in-depth report on competitor companies (peer analysis)

Ever wanted to analyze Twilio Inc and didn’t know how? Maybe wanted to learn more about Twilio Inc this post will also cover Cadence Design Systems Inc and their peers.

This report will walk you through the hard work of analyzing data. In fact, even retrieve data isn’t a simple task. That’s why this analyst is made. To help you, the trader, in gaining access to top-notch accurate and recent data. You cannot find this kind of tables anywhere else. All of the following companies has been recognized as players in the same area field that the other companies in the list play in.

This data is free. Use on your own discretion.

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    This report will use the public and known data for the companies stated in the following list:

      Verisign Inc.
  • Symbol: VRSN
  • Sector: Information
  • Market Cap: 24.47 BN
    • Cerner Corporation
  • Symbol: CERN
  • Sector: Health
  • Market Cap: 27.47 BN
    • ANSYS Inc.
  • Symbol: ANSS
  • Sector: Information
  • Market Cap: 27.88 BN
    • Palantir Technologies Inc
  • Symbol: PLTR
  • Sector: Information
  • Market Cap: 28.16 BN
    • Roblox Corp
  • Symbol: RBLX
  • Sector: Communication
  • Market Cap: 28.28 BN
    • Mongodb Inc
  • Symbol: MDB
  • Sector: Information
  • Market Cap: 29.07 BN
    • Unity Software Inc
  • Symbol: U
  • Sector: Information
  • Market Cap: 29.77 BN
    • Twilio Inc
  • Symbol: TWLO
  • Sector: Information
  • Market Cap: 30.61 BN
    • Veeva Systems Inc
  • Symbol: VEEV
  • Sector: Health
  • Market Cap: 32.91 BN
    • Zscaler Inc
  • Symbol: ZS
  • Sector: Information
  • Market Cap: 33.85 BN
    • Trade Desk Inc
  • Symbol: TTD
  • Sector: Information
  • Market Cap: 34.73 BN
    • Electronic Arts Inc.
  • Symbol: EA
  • Sector: Communication
  • Market Cap: 35.91 BN
    • Zoom Video Communications Inc
  • Symbol: ZM
  • Sector: Information
  • Market Cap: 36.61 BN
    • Cadence Design Systems Inc
  • Symbol: CDNS
  • Sector: Information
  • Market Cap: 45.46 BN
    • Datadog Inc
  • Symbol: DDOG
  • Sector: Information
  • Market Cap: 46.98 BN
  • Traders-Paradise - AI-Driven Trading Insights

    Symbol = The company’s stock symbol.

    Sector = The sector of which the company work in. Most of the time we compare between same sector, but sometime we take for comparison a company from a different sector but close enough bossiness to be able to add for comparison.

    Market Cap = The total value of the company. All the shares available multiplied by the most recent price of its stock.

    Most recent and current stats for each company

    Note that current stats does not update.

    Data Collected = All of the data in this report was collected to this date, and is valid to this date only. Data does not update.

    Price of Last Trade = The last price in $USD this company’s stock has traded.

    Daily Change = The first in $USD change from previous day and the second in actual percentage of the price.

    Short Interest Ratio = The short interest ratio represent the number of shares shorted divided by the stock’s average trading volume. Rule of thumb indicates the the lower the short interest ratio meaning that not many are willing to bet against the stock. But, in some cases, you might see a ‘short-sqeeze’ meaning people are buying the stock hence driving it up while the shorts see their trades lose, forcing them to buy back the stock at a lose and continue the buying circle driving the price much higher.

    Data Collected:Company namePrice of Last TradeDaily Change (in $)Daily Change (in %)Short Interest Ratio:
    Mar 31 VeriSign, Inc. 222.46+0.34(0.15%) 1.72%
    Mar 31 Cerner Corporation 93.56-0.09(-0.1%) 2.22%
    Mar 31 ANSYS, Inc. 317.65-2.66(-0.83%) 1.67%
    Mar 31 Palantir Technologies Inc. 13.73-0.15(-1.08%) 1.68%
    Mar 31 Roblox Corporation 46.24-1.88(-3.91%) 0.94%
    Mar 31 MongoDB, Inc. 443.59+13.37(3.11%) 2.62%
    Mar 31 Unity Software Inc. 99.21-2(-1.98%) 2.8%
    Mar 31 Twilio Inc. 164.81-3.82(-2.27%) 1.26%
    Mar 31 Veeva Systems Inc. 212.46-1.55(-0.72%) 1.99%
    Mar 31 Zscaler, Inc. 241.28+1.38(0.58%) 1.42%
    Mar 31 The Trade Desk, Inc. 69.25-2.38(-3.32%) 1.87%
    Mar 31 Electronic Arts Inc. 126.51-1.17(-0.92%) 1.42%
    Mar 31 Zoom Video Communications, Inc. 117.23-5.16(-4.22%) 2.37%
    Mar 31 Cadence Design Systems, Inc. 164.46+1.15(0.7%) 1.33%
    Mar 31 Datadog, Inc. 151.47+1.81(1.21%) 2.71%

    Important fundamentals stats about the companies

    Bottom line: How these companies’ sales and profit preform in comparison to their competitors

    Company nameRevenueNet incomeEPS
    Verisign Inc. 1.33 bn 0.78 bn 7.01
    Cerner Corporation 5.76 bn 0.55 bn 1.85
    ANSYS Inc. 1.91 bn 0.45 bn 5.16
    Palantir Technologies Inc 1.54 bn -0.52 bn -0.2705
    Roblox Corp 1.92 bn -0.49 bn -0.8554
    Mongodb Inc 0.87 bn -0.3 bn -4.74
    Unity Software Inc 1.11 bn -0.53 bn -1.88
    Twilio Inc 2.84 bn -0.94 bn -5.44
    Veeva Systems Inc 1.85 bn 0.42 bn 2.93
    Zscaler Inc 0.85 bn -0.33 bn -2.38
    Trade Desk Inc 1.2 bn 0.13 bn 0.2765
    Electronic Arts Inc. 6.51 bn 0.64 bn 2.22
    Zoom Video Communications Inc 4.09 bn 1.38 bn 4.49
    Cadence Design Systems Inc 2.99 bn 0.69 bn 2.5
    Datadog Inc 1.03 bn -0.02 bn -0.0678

    Revenues = How much money did the company gain in the previous 12 months, according to official statement the company itself gave on its reports.

    Net income = How much they are left with, after all the expenses.

    EPS = Earning per share (EPS) is is calculated as a company’s profit divided by the total outstanding shares. A high EPS indicates that the company is more profitable and has more profits to distribute to shareholders.

    Employees stats

    Employees are both the most expensive part of the total expenses of a company, and at the same time – its most valuable asset.

    Company nameEmployeesRevenue per employee in $USD
    Verisign Inc. 904.00 1468558.00
    Cerner Corporation 25.15k 229217.70
    ANSYS Inc. 5.10k 373865.70
    Palantir Technologies Inc 2.92k 528044.20
    Roblox Corp 1.60k 1199488.00
    Mongodb Inc 3.54k 246552.50
    Unity Software Inc 5.25k 211730.40
    Twilio Inc 7.87k 361235.40
    Veeva Systems Inc 4.51k
    Zscaler Inc 3.15k 272615.90
    Trade Desk Inc 1.97k 608269.90
    Electronic Arts Inc. 11.00k 592000.00
    Zoom Video Communications Inc 6.79k 604076.00
    Cadence Design Systems Inc 9.30k 321316.60
    Datadog Inc 3.20k 321495.00

    Employees = Number of total employees as found on several public resources.

    Revenue per employee = In general, how much money every employee is generating to the company. The higher is better.

    Advanced stats

    A more in-depth perspective on the companies

    Company nameAsset turnoverTotal debt to capitalReturn on avg assetsNet profit margin
    Verisign Inc. 0.7079 % 3.40 % 41.85 59.12 %
    Cerner Corporation 0.7709 % 0.3329 % 7.43 9.64 %
    ANSYS Inc. 0.3109 % 0.1439 % 7.41 23.84 %
    Palantir Technologies Inc 0.5193 % 0.00 % -17.53 -33.75 %
    Roblox Corp 0.599 % 0.6249 % -15.71 -26.23 %
    Mongodb Inc 0.4531 % 0.641 % -15.91 -35.12 %
    Unity Software Inc 0.2956 % 0.4156 % -14.18 -47.96 %
    Twilio Inc 0.2528 % 0.0849 % -8.45 -33.43 %
    Veeva Systems Inc 0.5394 % — % 12.46 23.09 %
    Zscaler Inc 0.3915 % 0.6356 % -15.06 -38.47 %
    Trade Desk Inc 0.378 % 0.00 % 4.35 11.51 %
    Electronic Arts Inc. 0.4943 % 0.1978 % 4.86 9.83 %
    Zoom Video Communications Inc 0.6382 % 0.00 % 21.41 33.55 %
    Cadence Design Systems Inc 0.7169 % 0.1126 % 16.7 23.29 %
    Datadog Inc 0.4817 % 0.414 % -0.9714 -2.02 %

    Asset turnover = This ratio of total sales to average assets can offer an understanding to how effectively companies are using their assets to generate sales and make more money. Usually, higher is better.

    Total debt to capital = the D/E Ratio shows the weight of total debt and liabilities against total shareholders’ equity. usually, lowers is better.

    Return on avg assets = The return on average assets is useful in measuring profits against the assets used by a company for generating profits. Usually, higher is better.

    Net profit margin = measures how much net income or profit is generated as a percentage of revenue. Usually, higher is better.

    According to the data above, our analyst bot has ranked these companies

    Ranking companies isn’t an easy task. Much can vary, much can change, no one can predict the future.

    That’s why I, the analyst bot, try to take as many variables as I can (in the algorithmic limitations) and try to use it to value and rank the companies in this report.

    With that being said, I urge you to look at this results in an educational way as this is not meant to be a trading recommendation of any sort.

    In the score metric, it considered lower to be of better performance.

    Company nameScore:Results:

    Verisign Inc.


    Under Valued

    Cerner Corporation


    Under Valued

    ANSYS Inc.


    Under Valued

    Palantir Technologies Inc



    Roblox Corp



    Mongodb Inc



    Unity Software Inc



    Twilio Inc


    Under Valued

    Veeva Systems Inc


    Under Valued

    Zscaler Inc



    Trade Desk Inc



    Electronic Arts Inc.


    Under Valued

    Zoom Video Communications Inc


    Under Valued

    Cadence Design Systems Inc


    Under Valued

    Datadog Inc



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