Why your decision to buy more stocks could be the right one?

Buy More Stocks In 2020
Your money should stay in stocks as bond yields and savings accounts interest rates are being held down

by Guy Avtalyon

Let’s explain why should you buy more stocks in 2020. The first stock market rally this year started with a lot of momentum. The S&P 500 index had its best year in 2019. The last such good year was 2013.

2019 was really an active year. For all investors, the end of the year was a great opportunity to figure out what happened and how well they were doing. Well, it’s normal to make some mistakes but the point is to find any that has had a great influence on your investments. The most important is that these mistakes didn’t hurt your long-term investing goals and when you figure out what you did wrong you’re able to avoid repeating them. 

So, you will be prepared for new investments which is very important.

The beginning of the year is the right time to make plans on how to position your portfolio. Since no visible or specific cause could cause the stock market downturn it is the right time to buy more stocks in 2020.
Actually, buying great stocks at reasonable prices should let us build our wealth firmly in the future.

Let’s take a look ahead to 2020 for stock picks

Many analysts are skeptical about the stock market’s gains will proceed with two-digits percentage, that’s true. So, we can conclude they are expecting volatility. This means the stock prices could go down. 

And here is where the opportunity comes.

Cheaper stocks represent a buying opportunity and some investors are waiting for that. Some companies are ready to outperform and continue to grow despite the economy slows.

According to analysts from Wall Street, some well-known companies and brands could be the right choice.

Buy more stocks in 2020 to get profit

Picking stocks can be difficult so let’s see what is our choice for potential opportunities.

Kohl’s (KSS)

Kohl’s has over 1.100 stores and represents the largest U.S. department store chain. For some investors, its stock may look too cheap after the company posted the last quarterly results. KSS trades 20% under its five-year average and 25% below its average price-sales ratio. But the company is expected its revenue to grow 1.8% to $19.3 billion. The earnings would stay at $4.88 per share. But Kohl’s performed something else really great: it generated  $10.81 per share in free cash flow last year. Its annual dividend payout is $2.68 per share. Just compare these two figures. The current yield is 5.3%.

Visa (V)

It is one of the most powerful payment companies in the world. The company processed 180 billion in transactions worth $11.6 trillion. Net revenue was up 11% in 2019, and net income increased by 17% year-over-year and is about $12 billion. Remarkably, this large company reported two-digit growth both top and bottom line and a free cash flow yield of 3%.
Some new initiatives should provide steady growth for Visa in the future and allow the company to take advantage of and beat competitors. This stock isn’t cheap but the high-quality is costly.

Apple (AAPL)

It is expected that the demand for Apple’s 5G iPhone will boost the company in 2020. AAPL stock price, according to some analysts could reach $300 in the next 12 months. Well, some are expecting the price to climb up to $440 in the year ahead and after 5 years to increase up to $1427.148. Even if you think the price is “overrated” Apple is confirmed as a good investment. Buy more stocks if you have enough capital to invest in. 

Amazon (AMZN)

Amazon’s stock could be a top bet fort he next year. Strong growth in its cloud-computing and advertising businesses is expecting. The analysts are rating the stock as a “buy”. The predicted price could pass a $2,000 target this year.  Shares could rise by 34% over the year, which is the experts’ opinion.

Walmart (WMT)

Walmart has been modifying. It has been investing in online. The company could take advantage of the growth in the middle class in China. Yes, Walmart’s market value is 40% of Amazon’s, but the difference is lowering. At the end of last year, the price of WMT stock was $120.440 but the price has been in an uptrend for the past 12 months. The future price of the stock could increase by 23%, said analysts, and predicted to be worth over $200 this year.

Kronos Worldwide (KRO)

This company from Dallas (Texas) produces and sells titanium dioxide pigments for broadly used in auto-industry, traffic paint, appliances, interiors, and exteriors. But the investors’ attention is focused on its revenue. It is expected to grow by 3.4% this year or to $1.8 billion. The earnings should rise $0.88 per share or by 14%.
Despite this growth, Kronos shares trade nearly 40% under its five-year average P/E ratio. The quarterly dividend has increased by 20%. The stock yield is 5.4% at $0.18 per share.

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Tesla (TSLA)

Tesla Inc will present its first Chinese made Model 3 sedans publically on January 7, reported Reuters. The deliveries came a year after Tesla build its only plant outside the US. The target is 250,000 vehicles a year. Tesla’s China General Manager Wang Hao said the plant had achieved a production target of 1,000 units a week, which is the production of around 280 per day, and that sales for the China-made vehicle had so far been “very good”. If Tesla’s earnings become firm, thenTesla’s stock could rise amazingly. Right now, Tesla stock trades at $418.33 but analysts are expecting to raise over $720 this year.

Starbucks (SBUX)

Starbucks has a great performance last year. Its shares increased by 37.5%. The company has reported revenue growth, an increase in total net revenues to $26.5 billion and net income grew to around $3 billion. Starbucks ended the past year with 31,256 stores in 82 markets. The company continues to grow in China as well as in the US. Starbucks has clear goals for its expansion. That provides a great level of certainty to investors and they could recognize Starbucks as favorable stock to buy.

Why buy more stocks in 2020?

For stock investors, this year already appears like a happy new year.
Investors buy more stocks for many reasons. For example, capital appreciation could be one of them. Also, dividend payments or the ability to vote and control the company.
Several reasons are behind choosing to buy more stocks in 2020. In this stock market condition, stocks provide the best potential for growth as always.
The beginning of the year is an amazing time to decide where to invest. Since there is no 100% sure way to predict the stock market movements why not invest in assets with the greatest returns?

What could we do instead?

All we should do is to create diversified portfolios and adjust them to the market’s movements, to save a value in down markets. The general suggestion is to not look often at your portfolios. Take your time and read books about investing. You can find plenty of them packed with wisdom.  

Traders-Paradise wishes you happy investing in the stock market this year.


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