ICO crowdfunding trend has grown tremendously.

Crypto-Endorsements Gone Sour | A Celebrity Special

Over the past one and a half years, the ICO crowdfunding trend has grown tremendously. There is no doubt that an overwhelming number of blockchain-based projects are significantly sprouting every day.

With competition becoming viciously cut-throat, some ICOs are procuring celebrity aid to help them stay ahead. Simultaneously, crypto-enthusiasm is growing among celebrities, and it’s no surprise that many celebrity crypto-endorsements are making headlines.

So, Why Mix Celebrities and Cryptocurrencies?

The move towards crypto-endorsements is one that was both new and unexpected for the industry. Nevertheless, ICO companies were striking symbiotic relationships with these celebrities for one primary reason- celebrities are great influencer marketers. They have an overwhelming amount of influence over a large number of audiences both on social media and offline. Moreover, they can spread the word about an ICO fundraising event to audiences effortlessly.

Furthermore, people tend to idolize celebrities.  This article by James Nderitu was originally published at CoinCentral.com.

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