CryptoBank – Why is this scam

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CryptoBank claims that you can invest, bank and make money through their established business model. The market launch for their token was in February 2018.
The big question is, should you invest in this one? Is it a worthwhile asset for investing in 2018?
The number one concern that we have against Cryptobank is that it is anonymously registered. That means the owner is anonymous.
We’ve always warned against sending money to anonymous people on the internet.
Well, we’ve carried out an in-depth analysis of Cryptobank.
All we can tell you is that this project doesn’t seem authentic. It’s got all the signs which suggest that Cryptobank is a Ponzi scheme to fleece inexperienced investors.
Official website:

Let’s see the other signs.

Cryptobank doesn’t have what it takes to be a reliable Cryptocurrency investment. Their token sale is just a way of funding their criminal activities on the internet.
There is no way these guys are going to sell you any meaningful coins. Instead, they are going to include your details in their Ponzi scheme type of business where your proceeds come directly from new members.
The admin didn’t even publish their physical address.
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It seems that they really want to keep a low profile Otherwise, there is no reason whatsoever as to why a site owner may decide to maintain an anonymous profile while collecting funds from innocent internet users. Hence, they must be scammers and this is seen in how they are copying other high yield investment scams.
Cryptobank is quite popular in the world, but more popular in Russia than in any other country in the world. We discovered that this site was marketing to people in Russia. Most of the traffic was coming from this country.

The signs of confirmation

There is no about us page to describe what this site is all about or even the people who are behind this operation. Instead, there is a short headline on the homepage which says that Cryptobank is a Collegial monetary authority.
Now, what attracts our attention most is the services which they claim to offer. There is a vast array of services which this site has listed.
To confirm that Cryptobank is a scam, you should think about their newly registered status, and then remember that when a site is new and is registered by someone who does not want to disclose their identity. That is usually a sign that the person running that operation is a scammer. We’ve got no doubt about it.


Should you invest? We think that no one should deal with people with a hidden identity.