Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame is Traders-Paradise’s selection of the best exchanges, brokers, and trading platforms.

There are more and more platforms on the Internet that offer to trade in shares, currencies, oil, gold, etc.
Although, trading securities certainly is not for those with a “weak stomach”. In other words, it refers to the most hazardous investments. Therefore, whenever someone wants to invest for the first time, he first needs to evaluate his preference for risk. That is to say, these securities are the riskiest financial instruments.

Firstly, if one is prepared for such an investment, he or she should evaluate the market on which it wants to work. In addition, one can estimate its macroeconomic situation and political stability. Hence, it is essential to know how the company operates or should do a financial and rational analysis of it.

So, that is a situation where companies themselves can be of help to prospective investors. Otherwise, they serve only themselves.

Wall of Fame – So, why would you need it?

Traders Paradise has made a detailed analysis of the brokerage and trading platforms here, on our Wall of Fame. During all checks, the answers were positive. Well, the point is that it wasn’t just reading what others are writing about them, although it was useful for us. So, our examination of all the elements that are important to their customers gave positive results. Traders Paradise team reviewed the trading platforms they use and all of their performances.

For example, we tested whether they offer a free demo account, which is very important. Because this opportunity gives novices the chance to learn and practice. Moreover, they can do it much before entering into the world of trading and investing with real money. Most importantly, this team checked terms and conditions for withdrawals too.

Above all, Traders Paradise thinks that these 16 platforms deserve to take their place on the Wall of Fame.
In other words, those exchanges and platforms succeed to be here marked as the best. To clarify, for now. Nothing is forever.

Therefore, we will be keeping our eye on them. As well as on platforms that fulfill criteria for the Wall of Shame.