DEFINITION of correction

Correction is defining as a 10% or greater decline in the price of a security from its most recent peak.


Corrections can happen in any asset that is traded on an exchange.
Corrections occur when comparing one market index to a similar market index. By using this method, it is possible to detect that some underperforming index may be followed by a similar index.  

It may be a signal of a market correction is coming.

Before the market correction, some stocks may be strong, or even over-performing. Contrary, in the course of that period, individual assets often execute badly due to harmful conditions.
Stock market corrections typically occur in response to many stocks and bonds across the market being overvalued after a bull market. Prices closing lower across the market over a period of days to weeks may indicate that it is close. The trigger may be financial or global news or a large investment firm selling stocks. But typically once selling begins panic drives the sell-off to continue.
Corrections are ideal times to buy high-value assets at lower prices.

A drop of 10% may be important for investment portfolios.

That’s why corrections sound well for both the market and for investors. Corrections can provide investors the opportunity to learn how rapidly market environments can be changed.
The most important thing to remember during a stock market correction is that it is likely to last only a few weeks. And that the market is likely to recoup and surpass any losses incurred during the correction.


For investors who are holding stocks for the long-term, it is critical not to lose sight of the larger timeframe beyond the correction.
Avoid panicking and think about opportunities to minimize losses while staying true to your long-term strategy.
For traders, keep in mind is that corrections are somewhat unpredictable. So exercise caution and understand that the risk to every position is magnified compared to during a bull market.
However, as for long-term traders, trading off the bottom can lead to significant gains.