RNS is short for the Regulatory News Service, a part of the London Stock Exchange. The RNS sends regulatory and non-regulatory information on behalf of businesses and other companies.


RNS is both a regulatory and financial communications channel for companies to communicate with the professional investor.
Creating an effective investor relations strategy is an increasingly complicated challenge. You need to fulfill domestic and international regulatory obligations, communicate with shareholders, analysts, and institutional investors, at the same time explaining your company news to the markets.

RNS is the UK’s leading service for regulatory news announcements.  The provider of choice for companies traded on the London Stock Exchange, this service helps companies and their intermediaries fulfill their UK and other global regulatory disclosure obligations in the most efficient way possible.

Approaching 300,000 announcements are processed by RNS each year, with over 70% of all regulatory and potentially price-sensitive UK company announcements originating from RNS. Clients include the vast majority of Britain’s leading benchmark companies as well as all the leading financial public relations firms and corporate advisers.

It is widely recognized by the investment community for its stable and secure web-based input system, industry knowledge, product flexibility, and 24 x 7 support structure.

Releasing announcements through this service ensures company information is distributed immediately and accurately in full text and in industry-leading formats.

Announcements are visible on over 2 million market professional terminals, databases, and financial websites across the world.

Including key vendor services such as Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones as well as the LSE’s own corporate website.


In that way, by giving reliable information, they are helping to comply with the disclosure obligations set out by regulators around the world.

It transmits almost a quarter of a million announcements to shareholders, analysts, and institutions on behalf of businesses each year.