Let Me Waste Your Time (TM) is a magazine we work on for the past 5 years (Updated May 2019).

The uniqueness of our magazine is that it is written partially by artificial intelligence.
This project is extremely interesting for us because of the mechanism behind it. What once started as a super smart trend catcher that was aimed to capture viral content all over the internet, continue on finding and catching trends over the stock market exchange field.

That’s how WYT-Finance and Traders-Paradise (soon will be online) were born. Here, at WYT, you will find professional material about the stock market, all the information about all the stocks out there and where you can find opportunities (and a word of advice – you need to be quick. Gaps tend to close up rapidly on the stock market) and of course, our proud education section we have here. In some of the education material we wrote, we also shared some of the ways our AI algorithm learned from (but he did it million times faster the average person).

Feel free to search around our e-learning material and see if something fits your needs, we also have lots of stuff free of charge. Just for you. Though publishing our partners (regulated brokerage companies), WYT does not take any deposits nor handle/manage peoples’ fund and money. For that, you need to sign up to a regulated broker company (you can find as many as the stars in the sky – on Google) or you can sign up with our partners. We work only with the best brokerage companies (in terms of regulations, commissions, assets available, support-service, time takes to withdraw funds, leverage, etc).

You can sign with our partners or click on “Demo Account” on the menu section and you will be offered with a demo account of $50K-$100K. This is more than enough for you to start using the strategies and methods you will learn here (or anywhere else, but please do). If you have any questions – please feel free to send us a message using our contact form