Searching for trading opportunity

What is this

Research for trading opportunities

A real-time, live scanning analyst-bot for trading opportunities for all markets

A simple, but unique, live scanner. Our Analyst-Algorithm is live trading virtually many strategies against many situations, then gives a score for each parameter.

Once it has the final score, it compares this score against other assets from the same niche and eventually shows for every asset if it is a current opportunity or not.

What is an opportunity?

The system marks an asset as an opportunity only if it is higher than a keep changing value (how this value is calculated - see “How it works”)

How it works

We do all the hard work of research for you

We have some parameters to calculate the ever-changing opportunity threshold value

It is very simple.

Some of the parameters we use:

  • Support / Resistance levels: Determining S/R levels according to constantly changing data, in numerous metrics and scoring the opportunity level according to the distance from its S/R levels.
  • Different calculated weights: We found neural networks (Machine-Learning) algorithm works best to find optimal weight value for different time periods. For example: A week ago doesn't have the same calculated weight as a random week 10 months ago.
  • Volume: Actual money switching hands. We analyze the traders’ tolerance to a variety of situations.
  • Niche: Identifying asset’s strength against its normal market competitors.
  • Market: Constantly changing scale between fear (Bearish) and greed (Bullish). While doing so, changing the desired value to consider an opportunity.
  • And more (company secrets)

Please note that these parameters vary all the time according to live data coming from the market. An opportunity found at the moment might not be one in the next few hours/days. And vice versa, a non-opportunity might change to an opportunity. It all depends on the asset's real time data.

Don’t want to wait until it finds an opportunity?

Although we cannot rush the search, we do save every opportunity the algo-analyst finds for 24 hours!

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