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Live stock signal algorithm in real-time

This live stock scanner is always looking for the next trading opportunity. On this free version you have access to our stock signal algorithm. Premium users have access to forex signals and crypto signals.

Best tool for traders who are looking for trending stocks to trade right now.

Traders-Paradise what is this trading opportunity finder

What is an opportunity?

The system marks an asset as an opportunity only if it is higher than a keep changing value (how this value is calculated - see “How it works”)

How to use traders-paradise trading opportunities algorithm

How it works

We do all the hard work of research for you

Our trading algorithm is running multiple strategies against many situations on the stock's historical data and then giving it a score.

Some of the parameters the stock signal uses are support and resistance, different calculated period weight, volume and price segments, niche status, market bearish or bullish, etc.

Once a score is determined, the stock scanner algorithm is able to clarify the best trading opportunities available now in the market.

This stock signal algorithm is always live, always up-to-date, always free.

Please note that these parameters vary all the time according to live data coming from the market. An opportunity found at the moment might not be one in the next few hours/days. And vice versa, a non-opportunity might change to an opportunity. It all depends on the asset's real time data.

How the algorithm works

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